Problems with sky+ box and Phillips television

  Housten 15:10 09 Oct 2011

Good afternoon,

I was talking to a friend about our sky+ boxes, and how full ours is getting, when he said that alongside the viewing card you could insert, and download to, either an SD card or a pen drive. To be honest I thought he was ‘taking the mick’, but he is quite right there is a USB port to the left of the viewing card. I tried a pen drive in there and it sits there unlit and not showing up on the lists that can be displayed from the box. I have tried looking through the sky+ box’s manual and the USB port isn’t even mentioned. Does anyone have any idea how to a) get the pen drive to be acknowledged by the box, b) download programmes from the box to it and c) [ most importantly of all ] how to either watch programmes from the pen drive or upload them back on to the box. I wouldn’t be surprised if it can’t be done but it would be very nice to be able to do it!

The problem with the Phillips television is my hearing – it is getting worse, whereas my wife has very good hearing and needs nothing like the volume. When I wear a pair of headphones I can turn the sound right down to her level, so I thought I would be clever and bought one of those sets of transmitter and headphones which do exactly that. But being too clever I assumed that the tv, being fairly new, would have an output apart from one for the headphones. The model is 32pf75310/10 [ the second last ‘10’ could be ‘IO’, I am not certain. ] and having gone through the manual it would not appear to have a suitable second output – necessary because when you use the headphone socket the speakers are cut off. There are other outputs but these are for recordings to/from other units and do not appear to be for what I want. Or am I wrong? [ Not entirely surprising!! ] So if somebody knows how to get this – or indeed any - transmitter/headphones working – even if I have to get a specific item – I would be very grateful.

Many thanks in anticipation for any information/help on either of these two questions.

  Woolwell 16:19 09 Oct 2011

I don't think that USB port does anything see Sky boxes and usb but I am willing to be corrected if I'm wrong.

  Woolwell 16:27 09 Oct 2011

See this thread Sound from TV

  tullie 18:53 09 Oct 2011

The usb port is for possible future use and cannot be used at this time.

  Housten 15:03 10 Oct 2011

Woolwell and tullie,

Good afternoon gentlemen,

Thank you both for your replies. It is a bit annoying not being able to use the USB ports, but then that's sky for you.

As for the tv problem, many thanks for the link Woolwell. We have a maplins close by so I will take a trip down to them and see what they can come up with.

Many thanks to you both.

  morddwyd 19:55 10 Oct 2011

"It is a bit annoying not being able to use the USB ports, but then that's sky for you."

Not just Sky.

I have one in my car which can't be used either!

They are put in various equipments, for various reasons, one of which is not invariably customer use!

  Housten 16:04 11 Oct 2011

Good afternoon,

I had to get some pills from Boots that they didn't have last week so I called into Maplins. I spoke to one of the assistants and showed him the tv's manual and he had a good look. He sussed out that if I used one of their scart plugs - the one with out on it NOT in - then there were 3 'sockets' and the red and white - I think it was - could be used to connect the transmitter to the tv. Job done!! All I have to do now is to find it as I think it was me that put it 'somewhere' for safety. but if not Maplins have one themselves - the wife is going to be pleased!! [ Well known hope or phrase!!!??? ]

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