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  Ohnoes 13:15 01 Dec 2010

Hi there, first of all apologies for this being slightly moany - but let's face it sometimes it takes something bad to post here in the first place, so apologies for the wall of text.

TLDR version: be very careful how you send things to an RMA department.

Firstly, let me say I have been a Scan customer for 5 years, all the time I have been building PCs. Prior to this, I would have had nothing but good things to say about them - probably a reason I am in the mess I am.

I recently bought a motherboard-RAM-CPU bundle, which was faulty. After the usual internet scouring I decided to do something I had not ever had to do and request an RMA. Most forums seemed to point the finger at the motherboard so back it went. Scan returns found no fault, so after some further discussion I sent back my RAM and CPU also, in order that the three be tested in combination. After a couple of weeks watching the Returns section of the Scan website I noted the RAM had been tested and found faulty - but no sign of any testing of the CPU. It was here they dropped a bombshell - they had "not received" the CPU. This was news to me, since it was sent along with the RAM in the sme package, special delivery.

Without wanting to go into the depressing details, from here on in Scan were incredibly poor to deal with, I received 4 one line emails stating that I "had not sent" the CPU,which made me feel like a criminal and a cheat (I have never RMAd anything before remember). However, in this case I am 100% sure the CPU was sent, who loses £200 of very small chip, I spend over an hour wrapping the damn thing to make sure it didn't get damaged!

Since I didn't have a legal representative watch me put the CPU in the package (who would! Especially since my prior view of Scan was of stand up chaps), I don't really know how to proceed, since my calls are met with holds, non answering and more one line emails (and I am not a ranter).

Has anyone had a similar experience that can give me some advice? Are there any regulators or ombudsmen I can appeal to?

Thanks in advance guys, apologies if I get lost in the sea of sadness in this particular forum :)

  bjh 13:42 01 Dec 2010

It may not be very helpful at this stage, but I normally photograph packets that I assemble and send, in various stages of "dress"... mainly to avoid the "it wasn't packed properly" problem.

I suspect it's up to Scan to "prove" the CPU wasn't in the package. I'd contact Consumer Direct in the first instance, collect advice, and I'd then send a polite and detailed letter by registered post. Explain that the two were in the same package, and describe the packing. Give them a set time to respond (but be generous, say 21 days, maybe).

I've had a bit of experience with returns to Scan, and it was a bit chaotic sometimes (e.g., fault with TV/remote; shown to be remote in home testing, sent both back, Scan sent on to manufacturer, manufacturer confirmed remote faulty, but didn't return remote to Scan, phonecall 2 months later from Scan, asking if I still had the remote!)

Patience and politeness should see you right. Being a non-ranter is always the best route

  bjh 13:45 01 Dec 2010

Sorry: Consumer Direct link
click here

Good luck

  Ohnoes 13:59 01 Dec 2010

Thank you bjh, that's very helpful - kudos. I am indeed waiting to calm down before taking any further action, I just can't believe how unhelpful they have been - I am used to a veneer of friendliness in customer service! I will try and update by the way, and more advice is always welcome.

  GaT7 18:38 05 Dec 2010

Have you got anywhere with this Ohnoes?

I've not heard of Scan doing this before, but I guess there's a first for everything!

If not yet solved, consider posting your problem in their official after sales support forum at Hexus click here. G

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