Problems with returns to Microdirect

  BigPete 13:47 22 Dec 2010

I bought a Toshiba laptop DVD drive for my Toshiba laptop. But it was not compatible. Hard to believe as they were both from Toshiba.
I got a RMA number emailed the same day. But 9 days later I still don't have a refund or store credit. Emails and phone calls to the company go unanswered. Anyone else had the same issue?

  spuds 16:50 22 Dec 2010

Under consumer law, the retailer would have 30 days in which to provide a refund.

You mention that telephone calls and emails go unanswered. Can you provide further information?.

  BigPete 18:04 22 Dec 2010

Emails not replied to 13th 15th and 17th December. After I sent another email today I get a response saying that there were postal delays and the parcel may be delayed with Royal mail.

I replied immediately saying that I had the Post Office on-line Tracking system said that the parcel had been delivered to MicroDirect on 17th December. I believe that I am being fobbed off or lied to or the company has no idea what they are doing.

Phone calls tried twice today to ring Customer service and after waiting several minutes there no answer.

So at least I know that the Post Office has returned it. The terms & Condition say that it can take 5 days or so to check that the part was returned in good condition. So I should hear tomorrow.

  HondaMan 09:07 23 Dec 2010

As spuds says, they have 30 days to make the refund. By openly criticising them this early in the process, you merely annoy them. You say that it arrived there on 17th, that was a Friday. It probably would nmot have been looked at until 20th (Monday) at the earliest. What do you want, instant service. Get real!

  BigPete 12:49 23 Dec 2010

I want same day service like I have with my regular supplier. Unfortunately my regular supplier was out of stock so I had to try sourcing elsewhere.

Life on Mars type suppliers belong in the 1970s not the 21st century. My expectations are are met by my preferred supplier with 24/7 service and same day refunds. My normal supplier does not take a week to answer an email and picks up the phone by the third ring.

So get real yourself.

  HondaMan 16:14 23 Dec 2010

Interesting that you do not mention the name of your "usual" supplier!

  BigPete 18:16 23 Dec 2010

Well spotted. I have not mentioned the name of my preferred and usual supplier deliberately. Selfish yes, but I know that if tens of thousands of new customers start shopping there service wont be as brilliant in the short term.

  spuds 22:11 23 Dec 2010

You possibly have yourself to blame, for assuming that every retailer was or should be like your regular supplier. Perhaps you should have ordered from them, even though they would appear to have items out of stock?.

You have also admitted that it may take till the 23rd December 2010, before they might check the item, yet you want immediate action before then.

I deal with many companies on a weekly basis, ranging from Ebuyer, Amazon,CPC, eBay et al, and I would never dream of expecting priority over other customers, and this seems to provide dividends and satisfaction in the long term.

  HondaMan 11:42 24 Dec 2010

I wonder if your supplier would see it in that way. You are potentially denying him an opportunity to expand his business for your own admittedly selfish purposes.

  BigPete 13:08 04 Jan 2011

It is now 4th January 2011 and the company have not responded to another polite email from me asking what is happening. I have bought a new laptop from another supplier and once I get the credit note and used it I wont be dealing with this company ever again.

  adywan 20:08 17 Jan 2011

I'm having the same sort of problems.

I've been a regular customer of microdirect of about 4 years and usually have had no problems and if there was a problem my emails were usually replied within a couple of days. Problems started to arise though a few months before christmas when items i had ordered and paid for next day delivery never turned up until a week later. They apologised and refunded the difference in postage between their economy and next day delivery service

But i had to return an item in december. I got the RMA number swiftly and it was posted on the 20th December. Since then i have heard nothing back from them. I have emailed them 3 times now, both through their website form and through direct emails, yet they have failed to respond. Phoning them has also proved to be a waste of time as they never seem to answer their phones. I have been polite to them in all my emails but i feel i have given them enough time now and i am preparing to get my money back through legal channels. I, for one, will never be using this company again.

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