Problems with possibly having been scammed

  paddy1014 22:42 16 Feb 2017

I recently received a warning on my computer that my system had been infiltrated with malware. The company in question was Dial Port Solutions who fixed my issues (I think!) and protected me for the next 3 years for a sum of money.

Does anyone know about this company and are they scammers?

  Govan1x 23:23 16 Feb 2017

Looks like you have been scammed then. Not sure how you would deal with it. best waiting for advice from someone that knows how to deal with it.

1st step would be the bank and see if they can stop the payment and change your bank card for you.

Change your password so that no one can get into it again.

Take it we are talking about quite a lot of money. So 1st step is the Bank.

  wee eddie 01:07 17 Feb 2017

Cancel the card that you used and any others that use the same password.

NOW, if not sooner. Tell the Bank what has happened. Most Banks have a Fraud Department that operates 24/7.

  Archonar 10:06 17 Feb 2017

As others have said I am almost certain that is a scam. Cancel cards, change all passwords and conctact the bank as the others have also said.

As for your computer. I recommend you disconnect it from the internet for now so that you can be sure that they can't gain remote access. Do you know if they installed any programs during their "fix"? If so uninstall them immediately. If you can remember anything that they did please tell us as the more information the better in this situation.

If you have any antivirus installed (nothing that they installed) then run a full scan now to see if they installed any malware. If you don't have any antivirus download malwarebytes (you will have to use the internet for this) and use that to scan the pc.

Just as a warning to any others who are reading this thread- Never believe people telling you your pc is infected, or that they can 'speed it up' or that you are being tracked. There is no way for them to know this. Microsoft will never call you to tell you there is a virus on your computer. These people only want your money and they will most likely leave a way for them to get into your computer and ask for more money.

If you are worried about malware or any other pc issues come to a forum like this and we will provide advice at no cost or danger to your pc. Never believe these cruel people, they prey on people who are unsure about technology for money.

  Forum Editor 11:00 17 Feb 2017

It's a bit late now, but for the future remember that you do not need to pay anyone for anti-virus or malware protection. There are excellent free applications out there that will do this.

If you need recommendations, just ask us.

  Burn-it 16:15 17 Feb 2017

Can I just add that free protection usually only applies to home and academic users. Companies ARE expected to pay. It is claimable as a business expense.

  mole44 05:05 18 Feb 2017

Wise words as usual from FE thanks.

  wescliff 10:39 18 Feb 2017

Very likely installed something which will allow them remote access without you have any knowledge of it. Anti virus unlikely to detect this. Apart from cancelling the card NOW I would get the PC off the InterneT, back up what is necessary and wipe it completely. Too much at stake.

  Burn-it 15:08 18 Feb 2017

Up to date Malwarebytes, amongst others DOES detect attempts at remote access. Anyone who says NOT to install malware detection is likely to be a scammer themselves.

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