Problems with Nokia phone

  mr simon 14:49 03 Oct 2009

I purchased a Nokia 5310 Comes with Music (CwM) edition phone from the online Nokia store. The CwM service allows you to download unlimited tracks with the purchase of the device.

The phone arrived and the CwM service would not work. The Nokia Music program stated that "The attached mobile device is not compatible with CwM". I tried reinstalling, redoing drivers, tried a different PC, basically everything I could. I rang the helpline, in fact I rang them many times. Each time they sold me the line that the tech support team would call me, though I was never contacted. The one time that I was put straight through they just hung up.

Frustrated, I asked for it to be replaced, and sent off the phone and got a new one back. The same problem was present with the second phone, and ringing customer support got the same results. The phone was definitely a different one, I checked the IMEI number.

Again, I sent the second phone back and requested a replacement, as well as including a letter with the package, which wasn't replied to. This third phone also had the same problem. I got an email from tech support finally, but all they stated was that the phone was not compatible as he checked the IMEI, which is information I already knew.

This third phone has again been sent off, with another letter, and I am awaiting delivery of the fourth, though I'm not holding out a lot of hope.

Should it also turn out to be faulty, what is my best course of action? Emailing and ringing customer support is useless, letters aren't replied to, and now I feel like I'm out of options :|

Any ideas?

  tullie 16:42 03 Oct 2009

Unbelievable isent it that three phones have the same fault?

  Woolwell 17:04 03 Oct 2009

I have Nokia N85 (doesn't have CwM) but does have Nokia Music. Have you downloaded the latest version of Nokia Music?
When I start up Nokia Music then on the left side there is bright box Comes with Music and insert pin. Have you done that?

  mr simon 17:08 03 Oct 2009

The box on the left saying requesting the PIN is only for when you have registered, which is what I am trying to do. I absolutely definitely have the latest software and drivers for it.

  Woolwell 18:04 03 Oct 2009

I can get to the register page without having registered and without my Nokia connected. I have Vista. Have you used the Ovi suite?

  mr simon 20:03 03 Oct 2009

The service does not require the Ovi suite, all the software is included on the disc.

The problem is that the IMEI numbers are not on the CwM database, my main concern is how to I contact Nokia to make sure the next one is working?

  mr simon 14:29 30 Dec 2009

Sorry to bump an old thread. The fourth phone was faulty, and after informing Nokia of this, they told me to go to a Nokia Care Point to get it sorted. The nearest one was B'ham which is still quite a drive, and I'm not prepared to take a day out and all that petrol money.

I rang customer services and told them this, and was informed that I wasn't allowed another replacement. So I asked for a refund, to which they said the original purchase was more than 30 days ago, and so that wasn't possible.

I asked to speak to the persons supervisor, and then when I got through I explained what had happened, and I was met with the same response. I asked to speak to whomever was in charge and was put through once more, and after much explaining, got my refund.

The sad thing is that I really like their phones, but their customer service, or lack of it, means I will probably be going the Samsung route with my next one.

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