Problems with my mesh pc.

  charlton200 19:06 10 Apr 2006

I started getting a loud knocking noise in my tower followed be it freezing. Then it packed up all together.Mesh talked me though formatting it then told me to load it and put the software on myself. When I done that I had to ring them again because the graphic where bad , no sound, no dvd etc.
I was told that I lost the drivers on the format and I had to get new one's of the internet. Now this might be easy for someone who know what they are doing, but not for a idiot like me.
Anyway he gave me in the end 4 links , two for the motherboard,one for sound and two for the graphics. Only one motherboard link worked . The sound one installed ,but still no sound and only one graphics one worked.
My graphics are now ok , my dvd is working but I have still got no sound and I am getting too many programs not responding and things not working well and twice I have had blue screens with a load of writing.
Are they supposed to supply backup drivers if you have a complete failure. It seems silly to me that they reinstall your system but you haven't got the drivers to work it.

I have got a mesh 3.2, 1 gb ram , 200hd, onboard sound.


  Forum Editor 19:44 10 Apr 2006

where I'll respond.

  Forum Editor 19:54 10 Apr 2006

I have to say that I'm surprised to hear that a Mesh support person advised you to format the drive and reinstall Windows and all your software without warning you that all the drivers would go with the format. Many people who buy computers are certainly not experienced enough to set about downloading and installing drivers. You don't say how old this machine is, but.....

Will you do this please?

1. Email: [email protected]

2. Explain that I've asked you to get in touch.

3. Provide details of your problem, and ask if he can help to sort this out. You should supply any reference number you might have for your original order, so Davey can track you down.

Davey's very helpful, and if anyone can get this resolved for you, he can. My hands are tied, because I don't know which drivers we're talking about, and I don't like the sound of "a loud knocking noise in my tower ".

Good luck, and keep us informed by posting back here when something happens, will you?

  mydisgo 20:22 10 Apr 2006

It's good to see mesh have someone to troubleshoot as Davey does. My own mesh pc has had some problems but nowadays runs fine, my only concern is the time it sometimes takes mesh to reply to emails sent to them?

Oh FE carry on the great work with this forum great to find somewhere to sort out problems in a mature manner:-)

  charlton200 20:32 10 Apr 2006

Thanks I will email him.
I did get directed to the mesh forum with my ref number , where I did leave a post, but as yet no reply.
My pc is about 2 years old, with no problems up to now and yes not a word was said to me before the formatting began.

Thanks for your help.

  Forum Editor 00:03 11 Apr 2006

Do you have an extended warranty?

  charlton200 08:01 11 Apr 2006

Yes i have a 3 year on site warrenty

  MESH Support 09:18 11 Apr 2006

Have you sent the email yet as there was nothing waiting for me when I got in this morning.

Our forum is being dealt with now. I was on leave last week and whilst I did have someone stand in for me, it got quite busy towards the end of the week.


  charlton200 09:41 11 Apr 2006

I writing it out now Davey.

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