Problems With MESH And False HelpLine

  Philip-199197 20:53 26 May 2004

I received my new Mesh Matrix 64 3200+ MAX, Number 1 in PC Advisors May and June issues, on the Friday of May Bank Holiday weekend. One day later it had a major collapse that warranted a return to base for repair. In between these times I had tried to contact their helpline after (what i now know to be) working hours. I got through to what I thought was a ringing 24 hour helpline, it wasn't it was an answering machine with ringtone recorded on it. Result a £23 pound telephone bill.
Advertised helpline 0870 046 36 36 actual number put through to 09052356600 (premium line). The actual repair achieved HD access but other problems - USB Controller Access hadn't. After various other phonecalls I eventually spoke to someone who knew her business, she concluded the BIOS settings had been completely been set to defaults, in other words the fix had not even achieved a basic BIOS check. Upon trying to receive compensation (phonecalls and shoddy fix) I elicited a negative response.
Has anyone else received this treatment?


  Diodorus Siculus 08:02 27 May 2004

Poor service comes with every manufacturer at times.

A false helpline number though is something to take up with your telephone supplier as wel as OFTEL - it is a serious accusation and needs to be followed up.

MESH have a presence on these pages; hopefully they will respond.

  ray27 08:07 27 May 2004

I had some problems with Mesh which took about a year to resolve but with the help of consumer watch I recieved a full refund

It seems you have to be patient with them but but they will come through in the end.

Best of luck

  MESH Support 09:01 27 May 2004

I am equally sorry and shocked to hear of this experience.

The 0870 number we provide should only charge at national rate and is only available at the moment during office hours. Out of hours there is a message advising our customers of where they might receive support, but there is no connection to a premium rate number.

Please email me as soon as possible at [email protected] remembering to include your serial/order number along with your screenname (piph).


Mesh Support

  fishyfingers 09:40 27 May 2004

Are you sure piph? I've used both Mesh's 0870 and 0906 numbers. My phone bill clearly shows a difference in charged rates.

I've also only used the software helpline in the evening twice now but on both occasions I've got through within a ring or two and once was told the engineers were sat there waiting for calls to come through.

I've also learnt that in most if not all cases the fancy numbers that many companies used aren't actually the companies own numbers. That 0870 numbers and the like are operated by another company. Apparently you call the number and it is this other company who connect you to your destination automatically. Surely this would mean that if you were charged a high rate for a non premium number that it was them who made the mistake.

That said, I hope you get your bill sorted out. My experience with Mesh has been really good so I am sure they will be able to help you.


  forexes 09:53 27 May 2004

Apart from the phone messages, the computer should still have worked a little longer. If you want to look a little deeper in this forum, you will find that I had a similar problem with exctly the same machine bought in April(using PC Advisor ads).I am still waiting on my refund, in fact I am still waiting on return labels to send the machine back, without which the refund policy cannot start. Davey is a good guy but I feel he is let down by MESH policies.

  johnnyrocker 16:11 28 May 2004

all you have to do to get swift action is write to their legal dept with a tenner and ask for all the data they hold on you under the data protection act

you will be amazed at the response.


  fishyfingers 16:54 28 May 2004


and that achieves what exactly?

I beleive forexes said he was waiting for something from mesh before the machine could go back. How would obtaining the information you suggest help him?

  Philip-199197 17:02 28 May 2004

Thank you all for your response. Fishyfingers yes I am sure but the number rang was 0870 046 8340 but on my phone bill the 0905 number appears. ICSTIS investigated for me and came up with answerphone with recorded phone ring attributed to Mesh Computers Technical Support serviced by Interlink Network and who it is run by. I Rang the person concerned who answered with the stock must have been a technical fault and will refund.
So thanks to all.


  Philip-199197 17:06 28 May 2004

Incidentally the stock answer shoddy service comes now and again is indefensible in a professional organisation. I to work within the IS/IT market and on occasion that we do a computer hardware fix, particularly Hard Disk problems we always make a point of checking BIOS settings conform with the system setup. To neglect to do this as a manufacturer and state these things happen really is taking the michael.



  Forum Editor 19:01 28 May 2004

So, have you responded to MESH support with the details they requested?

It might be an idea to do this before posting any more sweeping commenst about "taking the michael" - they seem keen to resolve this for you.

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