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  dunlops up 10:56 02 Jun 2003

I recently bought a PC package from Mesh and they didnt send all the software.
Firstly they could not give me a delivery date for the PC and promised on several occasions to return calls, and never did.
Again I made numerous calls to customer services about the missing software, they promised to get back to me , and again never did. Eventually someone phoned and gave me a false delivery date.
Has anybody else had problems with them.Their customer services department appears totally disorganised.

  MESH Response 11:04 02 Jun 2003

We are sorry to hear about the problems you are experiencing. If you could please email us at [email protected] with your order number, we will look into this immediately and get back to you.

MESH Response

  dunlops up 11:06 02 Jun 2003

Further to the above, I am still waiting for them to collect the computer as I have had enough of Mesh and their total lack of interest. And yes they are still not interested in collecting it.
Any legal eagles care to comment.

  leo49 11:32 02 Jun 2003

Can't see that you've provided enough details for even the keenest wannabe lawyer to venture an opinion on.

  dunlops up 11:50 02 Jun 2003

I have made 16 phone calls about my recently delivered computer, 6 times I have been told that someone will phone me back and nobody has. When X eventually phoned 9/5/03, he promised to phone me on the 14th May and that the software would be delivered the following day. And guess what, no phone call and no delivery. I have also I mailed customer services and had no reply.

The computer was ordered 26/3/03. The first problem arose when I changed the colour of the mouse and KB, nobody could give me a delivery date. Eventually the computer arrived minus the software on 23/4/03. This may appear petty to you, but I use the computer a lot for word processing and spreadsheets as does my wife, who is a student and needs the PC for her studies. Our old PC had broken and we thought we would buy a nice new, fast PC, which would allow us to do a lot more. As our old PC was scrapped it was essential to have a new one a.s.a.p. to catch up on our work. We have had to drive to a relatives house to use their computer, which has been inconvenient and time consuming.

I wrote and cancelled our agreement and have been waiting a refund. X phoned again 28/5/03 and offered to backdate the warranty and again promised to send the disks, he said to write in for compensation. I told him that was not enough compensation and that I had no faith in anything being sorted out at a later date. I faxed him to confirm that we wanted a refund.
So Leo, consumer rights.

  Meshed Up 14:22 02 Jun 2003

I had very similar problems last year with a MESH laptop I bought.
I had massive problems with delivery. Their customer services department was a total contradiction to their name, as you have rightly pointed out. They never called back when they said they would and it always required me to call them to prompt them for a response. I must have called them about 15-20 times in a month. Each time being told they would call back. Each time.... I had to call them back. VERY, VERY FRUSTRATING IF YOU ARE DESPERATELY WAITING TO USE YOUR COMPUTER!!!!!

I then found I had a faulty battery that needed to be returned. I waited to find out what was wrong with it but it took a month before they found out that they had lost it. 2 MONTHS BEFORE A NEW ONE WAS SENT OUT TO ME!!!

Fortunately their technical department were helpful but all I can say about their Customer Services is .....SHAMBOLIC. Even writing to the Customer Services manager was pointless as I received no response from him either. I gave up trying in the end. No wonder MESH are no longer well-regarded.... they need to do what it says on the tin - Customer Services - PROVIDE SOME!!!I am sure MESH computers are great if nothing goes wrong, but you are riding your luck if you are intending to buy a MESH machine. Be warned!!!

Due to various problems with my Mesh, (some sorted,some ongoing) switched to a local supplier second time around and have never regretted it.

  fitfella29 16:00 02 Jun 2003

after all the threads on here warning people not to buy from mesh its bejond belief that people still do.

  carver 19:05 02 Jun 2003

Before you start demanding a refund, what is wrong with the P/C, does it work?, has it broken down?, is it the wrong spec?, if not is it just the software that is missing and if so what software? Mesh actually do make a good P/C and for the money use good quality parts so you would be better sticking with them, or have you just seen a better P/C for less money?. I'm not being funny when I say, that but this is what someone could think if the P/C is working correctly.
Second point,if we all took note of "fitfella 29" then no one would buy from Mesh, BUT if we took note of GANDALF we would all buy our P/Cs from PCW and so it goes on and if you had bought from Campus you wouldn't have a P/C.
Put a posting up telling us exactly what is wrong with the P/C and then someone can mayne advise you on your rights.

  spuds 19:47 02 Jun 2003

Why not take up Mesh's suggestion, and contact them via [email protected] Usually that brings faster results.

  dunlops up 21:59 02 Jun 2003

Thanks for all the info, the computer works fine but we dont have the disks which are supposed to come with it. I have been told that 'it is not fit for purpose for which it was bought', and as such , under consumer law I am able to return it with a full refund.
I have contacted Mesh on the address above, I was amazed at the speed of their response, but guess what, no reply to date.
Meshed Up - I tried ringing the boss, Tony Riccardi, in fact just about everyone, and still no luck, so its going back to them, if I ever get a refund from them.
Anybody recommend a good buy.

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