Problems with Memory Bits deliveries

  pjwheeldon 19:21 10 Feb 2009

Anyone having problems with this company? I ordered goods 28/1, was told 4/2 they were delayed but would go out 9/2, now told that they are out of stock, but their systems are having issues which prevents them seeing what is out of stock?

  tullie 19:29 10 Feb 2009

Had no prtobs here in the past.

  Stuartli 19:58 10 Feb 2009

Depending on where they are based, the recent poor weather may have played a part.

  MAT ALAN 20:19 10 Feb 2009


We are an Internet mail order company based in St Helier, Jersey.

If ya fancy bobbing across to have a word i'll come with ya...

  pjwheeldon 00:35 12 Feb 2009


If you are connected to this company, could you shed some light on what the service issues are? I was told(eventually) that some stock had not arrived and my order was held up due to this. Then that they could not identify what item was out of stock as there is a system problem. Then that there are some "minor" issues following a move to a new warehouse. having tried out another order I note that the website still shows every item I ordered as in stock.

Is the issue that the company does not have the stock (for any one of several reasons that I can think of), that they have the stock but cannot reconsile to orders due to system or warehouse problems, or is there a more fundamental problem?


  tullie 08:03 12 Feb 2009

Mat was quoting from the website.

  pjwheeldon 11:21 12 Feb 2009

Tried calling on their 0845 number this morning. After a lengthy wait spoke to an operator who advised that they are in the process of moving their warehouse to Switzerland. Nothing to do with being out of stock or problems with their IT, just that they have their entire stock in transit!

He suggested that the stock should get there tomorrow or in a day or two, and will have to be unpacked, so might go out next week or so. He agreed that this was very poor service but could offer no further help or advice. His suggestion was to call back in a week or two if the items have not turned up!

Despite these known issues I note that the company that still advertise same day shipping from Jersey on their website. I would recommend potential customers take into account the above however when considering making a purchase.

  MAT ALAN 18:48 12 Feb 2009

sorry, have no connection to this company at all just fancied being there (must be a bit warmer) instead of shooing penguins off me front lawn, (cold innit)...

  pjwheeldon 02:05 13 Feb 2009

lol. No point in asking you to nip over to Switzerland and pick my stuff up then?

  pjwheeldon 10:54 17 Feb 2009


Received a general e-mail from Memory Bits titled


...A technical glitch prevented the orders being processed due to an
‘Out of Stock’ message when items, such as yours, were very much in stock.

This resulted in your order not being picked, packed or dispatched.

However, rest assured we are now back on track and dealing with the backlog.
We can assure your order to be with you in less than 5 days from now..."

Only slight problem was this was sent on the 13/2. In the meantime I received an e-mail specific to me on the 16/2, saying

"...Dear sir
we are sorry for the delay on this order we did have stock problems while we moved warehouses and your order will be sent to you soon.

Kind Regards
Memorybits Customer Services Team"

Now the latter suggests that the order has not even been dispatched by the 16th, which makes it highly unlikely that I will receive it "in less than 5 days" i.e. today.

Furthermore the website has now taken down its customer helpline facility, presumably due to the number of disgruntled customers who are chasing their orders.

Have to say that my personal recommendation based on my experience of this company is: avoid

  burntboat 16:23 03 Mar 2009

i ordered goods on the 14/02/09 delivery 1-4 days and as the diana ross song says i'm still waiting.
i have been told all sorts i can only assume that they are dropshipping they take your money then order the goods and for some reason this seems to have been delayed. my money is in their bank account which if you add up all the people in the same boat must add up to a tidy sum...i am still waiting for my goods .....i have been told to wait a bit longer but no date as to when . in the past it was the 24th 28th at the latest.
i wouldnt recomend you use memory bits they dont seem to be dealing with orders though your email box will be inundated with special offers....i would rather have paid more in shipping than the 99p they offer and got my goods.

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