Problems getting refund from Mesh Computers

  Musicman24 15:47 19 Sep 2006


I ordered a Mesh computer back in July with an estimated despatch date of two weeks.
I had requested for Saturday delivery and therefore checked the Friday morning before if this was still all going ahead. I phoned up sales with my order number and they confirmed: "yeah no problem". Then Friday afternoon I received a call saying: "Nope, motherboard is out of stock". I thought this rather odd at first because surely a motherboard is the first thing you would fit in a case?!

Anyway because of the delay I had time to check the Mesh website and noticed the new Duo Core machines on there. I thought at first the delivery problems were almost in my favour as I was able to change my order to a more expensive duocore machine without any bother. Okay fair enough, however delivery would be a further 3 weeks (even though many of the parts were the same). I had to have this extended as I went on holiday in August. My estimated delivery date was then Sat 2nd of Sept (really looking forward to this). However I received another disappointing call on the Friday before that the processor was not in stock (even though eBuyer and Novatech had the 6700 in stock!). This would be another delay of 2 weeks!!

Because of all these delays I devided to cancel my order. I did this on Monday 4th of Sept by calling the sales department. They were really trying to talk me out of cancelling and suddenly I would probably have the computer by the end of the week! (hm?)
In any case it was cancelled and I received an email confirmation (and still actually a paper invoice for the computer which of course is bizar, considering I had cancelled it).

Since then I have phoned Mesh about 10 times as I have not seen any money come back into my account (I paid with debit card). I've also sent around 4 emails. For the emails I do not get a single reply. Each call is answered with, someone will phone you back and no-one does. Yesterday I was promised to be called back by the sales team manager, who was in a meeting. Still have not heard anything. This morning I found the payments dept, but they can apparently only authorise a cancellation if the "appropriate paperwork" is sent through by the sales department.
To top it off it now says on the Mesh website that the average core duo machine has an ETA of 7 days!

I certainly think there should be no question about me getting the refund as I cancelled before any despatch of goods (I checked the Mesh terms and conditions). But I do think this delay is rather frustrating. I'd much rather have someone say: "You will get your refund in 4 weeks" rather no reply at all.

In any case if someone can help me with some advice what to do if I don't get it within the next few weeks that would be great. I really think it would be ridiculous if I had to go to small claims court, but if I have to I will do it considering the amount of money involved.

I've seen that Davey from Mesh posts here, I have emailed him this morning. Maybe you can shed light on this situation??

Thanks (and I hope to get my money back please!),


  Boingy 16:19 19 Sep 2006

Hello Musicman24. Yesterday I cancelled by PC order with Mesh (see earlier thread from mr.h), so I'm just waiting now to get my money back. I was told it would take 5-7 working days. Please keep posting and let us know how you get on.

You are certainly entitled to a full refund, especially as they have not yet dispatched your hardware. My only advice would be to be persistant and keep on their backs every day ! Make sure you note down the name of who you spoke to & when, what was said, plus keep a copy of all correspondance, just incase it comes down to court action.

Good luck. I hope Davey sorts this out for you !

  MESH Support 17:53 19 Sep 2006

Hi Musicman24,

Your refund paperwork is with our accounts department at this time.

I will visit them first thing in the morning to establish at what stage it is and how much longer it will take if any time at all.

There is no doubt regarding the entitlement to a refund in this case and it seems the issue is more one of how long it is taking.

Please accept my apologies for the delay.


  1minute 17:58 19 Sep 2006

Nice to see Davey doing sterling work as usual. And i know we only see thoose who have come to complain about mesh, but we have had a few posts like this in recent days.

  def90csw 18:12 19 Sep 2006

Sad to see posts about customers feeling let down by mesh, but some companies have had problems with getting some CPU's. And as 1minute rightly points out we do only see those that are peeded off with mesh. But would be good to see mesh step up their responce to customers issue's instead of people have to post on a "public" forum.

  Forum Editor 18:53 19 Sep 2006

The fact that people post on a public forum is a very effective way of improving relationships between consumers and suppliers.

We have an extremely effective working relationship with Mesh computers here, it's something that has developed over a long time, and it demonstrates how Magazines like ours can help readers in a way that simply wouldn't be possible in the monthly printed publication. Mesh decided to engage with their customers in this way, and it's to their credit that they have committed to us in a way that other suppliers haven't so far seen fit to emulate.

  def90csw 19:17 19 Sep 2006

The fact you have come out in defence of Mesh is very interesting as my post was NOT attacking Mesh but a general comment. All i was trying to bring over is the fact that those and we only see a small % of customers who complain about Mesh, that it would be better customer service & may well look better for Mesh if these problems could be sorted out before forum users have to post here to vent their concerns.

There is only bad PR when you get a high volume of complaints, even if the % of actual units sold are very high in Mesh's favour.

  phoenix198 19:21 19 Sep 2006

When your next in the accounts department, can you chase up my refund too, please? Because MusicMan24's story above sounds remarkably like mine - only I didn't receive any replies!

See my thread click here

The order number is SO_30680

(Apologies to MusicMan24 if I may seem to be hijacking his thread but the sircumstances are very similar)

  MESH Support 10:59 20 Sep 2006

Hi there,

Both refunds are confirmed currently with our Accounts department being processed.

I've since visited the department and arranged for them to be completed later today.

You will need to allow the 3-5 days it takes for the banks to transfer the funds but it will be on it's way shortly.


  phoenix198 12:55 21 Sep 2006

In retrospect, I should have asked earlier!

  Musicman24 10:27 23 Sep 2006

Thanks a lot Davey for helping to sort this out. The money showed on my account this morning.

In the end I think I would always have gotten the money back but just the lack of communication was my real concern I suppose. I'm glad I found this site as it reassured me quite a bit and now everything is sorted.



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