Problems with Digital TV recorders ?

  Dragon_Heart 23:56 02 Sep 2010

Why are these products so prone to problems.

We are looking for a new one as ours has become poor at responding to remote eg need to keep finger on button for several seconds to switch on / off. Plus if you fast forward the text goes out of sync.

Reading reviews many die after only a few weeks or even days, have poor picture quality, prone to freeze frame or spikes, some with a USB port will only let you save and put back 'taped' info. so you can't save & play it back on a PC for example. ( that MAY be down to the file format used ).

HD's have been around for some time as have set top Freview box's so what's the problem.

I have seen a simple one thats a gloryfied scart plug that's got a usb socket so you could save to a portable HD for about £20 on Amazon.

  Forum Editor 00:06 03 Sep 2010

from Speakers Corner.

  ICF 09:04 03 Sep 2010

What make & model is the one your having trouble with?

  Covergirl 12:46 03 Sep 2010

£20 from Amazon - that's going to be reliable.

I got a Panasonic and not a moments problem so far in two and a half years.

Get yourself a Hard Disc recorder which also has a DVD recorder. Record to DVD, transfer to PC.

  anchor 12:55 03 Sep 2010

I too have had a Panasonic PVR/DVD recorder since January 2007, and, (touch wood), never had a problem.

I have no idea of your model, but perhaps its not of the same quality. Humax HD recorders are also well thought of.

  dms_05 15:16 03 Sep 2010

Don't allow people to confuse the PVR recorder with its sophisticated EPG and simple HDD/DVD recorders - they aren't the same.

PVR's are attempting to implement sophisticated media software and often the problem lies with that attempt. For example I have a Humax 9300T PVR (ie it's terrestrial rather than satellite) and Humax have recently released a firmware upgrade that has sorted out the PVR part of the machine BUT it has taken them almost 5 years to finally offer reliability in the recording/playback functions of their series of PVR machines.

You can also look at Sky who have multi-millions of PVR's in daily use - they take a very long time to Beta test their software updates so that when finally downloaded to the average customer they have sorted out all the bugs.

Quite simply you get what you pay for. One source of decent quality and well priced PVR's is Humax's own HumaxDirect website click here where they offer 'Managers Specials' at way below the price you'd pay on the High Street.

  john bunyan 16:38 03 Sep 2010

I agree with Covergirl's last line, and anchor.
Get a Panasonic HD/DVD recorder, you wont regret it. I prefer the above to a PVR that only stores on HD, as you can not only save to disc or HD, but save space by using it as a DVD player for hired or bought films.

  Dragon_Heart 00:33 04 Sep 2010

"You get what you pay for.

£20 from Amazon - that's going to be reliable."

A 'cheap' recorder costs about £120 so if it only lasts 12 months it's good value.

The problem is money .... a Panasonic DMR-EX99VEBK 250GB HDD DVD/VHS Recorder with Freeview+ costs about £365.

Sky yes ! But what's that a month, happy with Freeview.

  Dragon_Heart 00:42 04 Sep 2010

... may go for Humax Freeview playback Digital TV Recorder PVR-9150T 160GB Twin Tuner PVR @ £120. It's lest HD size than current but ......

  john bunyan 09:06 04 Sep 2010

Perfectly good Panasonic at a lot less than £365
click here

Had similar one for about 4 years.

  anchor 09:23 04 Sep 2010

john bunyan: Your link does not seem to work; try this:

click here

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