Problems with Dell LCD TV

  happymonkey 18:50 30 Nov 2005

I hope some of you guys can give me some guidance on this matter. I have bought 2 computers from Dell this year that have been good so far. I received an e-mail from them last Thursday detailing their latest offers. One of which was a 26" LCD TV for £360 inc delivery. I went on the website and ordered one straight away for the media pc I am building. I opted for the buy now pay later deal and received an internet receipt. On Friday i received the finance documentation and faxed it directly back to them.
I called them on Monday to see if everything was ok but was told the order had been cancelled due to "an internal processing error". I was told the order would be re-instated and that I would receive confirmation Tuesday am.

After hearing nothing I called back Tuesday afternoon only to be told it hadn't been re-instated but the guy said he would sort it out straight away and call be back in the evening. Well, no call back from him so I was on the telephone today for over an hour (0870 number)getting passed from one dept to another. Meanwhile the TV's have sold out and the offer has ended. In the end I got put through to another guy who told me he would put the order on this morning (11am) and that he would e-mail the confirmation this evening. Well they shut at 6pm and I have nothing. I really don't know what to do next. Any thoughts guys? I was pulling my hair out on the phone today and I don't have a lot anyway.

  oresome 19:25 30 Nov 2005

"I really don't know what to do next."

Simple........spend your money with someone who wants it.

  happymonkey 20:40 30 Nov 2005

Well the problem is it will cost me over £100 more to get a similar quality lcd Tv and £100 is a lot of money to me at the moment!

  jimmybond 02:15 01 Dec 2005

It may be £100, but if you're having this much trouble giving your money to them (normally the fastest/easiest part!) - imagine the difficulties you'll have if you need to return/repair it for any reason.
Is it worth the hassle?

  happymonkey 07:22 01 Dec 2005

Well thanks for the replies but I'm not going to give up yet. This was a fantastic offer with nearly £140 off so I'm going to have another go again today. I better put a cap on!

  happymonkey 19:14 01 Dec 2005

Just an update. Was told today that the TV's were end of line and are now completely sold out. The guy told me my finance application took too long to process and that when it was passed the tv's were sold out. What a load of c##p.

I pointed out that they were still selling these tv's on Tuesday of this week and that my finance was approved last Friday. I've got the paperwork back to prove it! On the paperwork it states "your order is in production and ill be with you shortly" Yeh right!!

He told me he would try and locate another tv for me but that he didn't hold out much hope. Well,that is my lot with Dell to be honest. I have bought 2 computers from them this year and they will be the last. their customer support stinks!!

  mike1234 16:39 03 Dec 2005

You can still get hold of the 2 smaller Dell TFTs (the 19" and the 26") at
See click here... not for £360 including delivery though...

  oresome 19:11 03 Dec 2005

Just keep looking a while. New offers are always coming up from one or other retailer.

Yesterdays bargain usually seems expensive a few weeks later.

  HasanPatel 11:10 09 Dec 2005

hello, happymonkey

im in the same boat as you i odered my 26"lcd tv from them when it went on offer, i placed my order on the 28th November and paid via credit card, i also opted for the 4year extended warranty and paid the full amount via credit card over internet

i recieved a phone call from one of their customer services advisor later that night (around 10pm!!) just to confirm my order and delivery address and let me know i should get it on the 2nd December

the next day (29th November) i got my order confirmation email from them which stated estimated delivery date "2nd December"

2nd December came and as i had work commitments on that day i made sure someone else took a day off to stay at my house for the parcel to arrive

nothing arrived that day as i was annoyed as i had wasted that persons whole day, i check the progress of order online and date had then changed to the 9th december, so i figured there must be slight delay caused by high demand

i then arranged for the person to stay at my house on the 9th december the new expected delivery date but as i didnt want to waste their time again i checked online on the 8th december and it stated there was a processing order

i got on to the phone with them immedietly and got put through to 4 differnt people over 2 different call centres - i didnt expect this from them at all as i have ordered 2 computers and a laptop over the last 18months all the orders which i placed online and with no problems

the first person i got put through (asia call centre) told me "you should place these kind of orders online, its better to do it over the phone" - why cant i place and order online?, is their sonething wrong with their website or even a security flaw?- she didnt respond to that question and said she will transfer me to my agent?

i got then put through to an advisor on a UK call centre who said the order hadent been processed, even though i recieved order confirmation and a phone call to confirm order, she said she will do it manually, and put me on hold, she then said theres been a slight problem and shes trying to solve it out and put me on hold again

i got transferred to the asia call centre again who told me my order had been cancelled as the stop manufacturing this item and was out of stock

that i just did not understand how can just stop manufacturing a product even though they have many orders for it

also i believe i purchased my tv the day happymonkey was told he wasent getting his, doesent that mean they sold me a product that does not exist, doesnt that break some kind of trading standards law? as they told him they stop manufacturing the tv

i then spoke to supervisor and manager at the asia call centre (i think they muted me as i was having a go at them), the manager said to me he doesent know why the tv was still on sale even though they were out of stock even a day or two after i puyrchased it

well i asked him many questions and his ultimate answer for them all was "im sorry, i dont know why that has happened"

they also charged my credit card and said he would refund my money, i told him i dont want my money refunded i want my tv!!

he kept saying to me to buy the upgraded version, i said to him il the updraged version if you are willing to pay the price diference - he didnt reply,

well i dont know what to do now, i would be waiting for years and wouldent of called me to tell me that my order has been cancelled

well if they don’t co-operate with me I will be demanding my refund (£568)and the intereset they have gained by holding my money- who cares if its just a few pennies end of the day its my money i would have earned the few pence if the money had stayed in my bank so why should they take my money and also earn interest on it and not give me a product - and this creats more administration work for them all for a few pennies

well i will be writing to them with a copy of this forum attached, would be helpful if happymonkey could add some dates on there instead of days

any help from you guys will be well apprecieted

  bfoc 01:37 10 Dec 2005

And also confirmed the order verbally and in writing then it would appear, in my opinion, that a contract was in place, since there has been offer, acceptance and consideration.

If a contract is in place then they are obliged to provide the item agreed at the price agreed or bear any additional costs you incur in obtaining the item.

By way of illustration a couple of years ago I booked 2 rooms through a well known hotel booking service which has emailed me about their 'amazing sale'. Each double room with breakfast was £8. I received 3 emails confirming the booking and also, on my querying, confirming that there was no more to pay. They also charged my card.

Two days later I was phoned by the hotel to say there had been a mistake the rooms should have been £80. I pointed out the above and within 6 hours they agreed we could have the rooms at that price!

In your position I would check the exact legal position and also contact your card company (who might in certain circumstances be jointly liable). I would certainly not leave the matter alone or just accept a refund, without taking proper advice.

  Zaphod 3 04:29 10 Dec 2005

Argos are konocking out bigger lcd tvs for less.

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