Problems with Dell

  Mike D 22:52 26 Jul 2004

First a question – does anyone have a contact details for someone in authority at Dell, preferrably in the UK, but anywhere will do?


Because Dell is just about driving me insane and is damaging my business.

I have 18 Dell Dimension PCs connected on a small network to a Dell Power Edge server (it’s called putting your eggs in one basket). When they were installed we paid for next day business cover; we are a small IT training business, so it’s essential that the equipment is repaired/replaced quickly. On the evening of 13 July one of the TFT monitors cremated itself, so on 14 July I rang the Technical Support people at Dell (once in Eire, now in India; once knowledgeable, now not so)and was told that a replacement would be delivered on 15 or 16 July. On 20th, as there was no sign of a monitor, I rang again and was promised a call back, this did not happen. On 21st I rang again and was told that monitors take 10 to 15 days to replace; I insisted that I spoke to the most senior manager in the Technical Support Division, who also promised to progress the order and call me back within 1 to 2 hours. Needless to say, that did not happen, so I called again and was connected to another “most senior” manager, who later admitted that he was a Technical Support Supervisor. He did call me back and said that a new monitor would be delivered on 22nd or 23rd. Neither of these dates were convenient so we agreed that the delivery should take place today (26th) between 9:00am and 5:00 pm. On arrival at work I found a message on the answering machine to the effect that due to a shortage of the part my delivery would not take place for a while. I rang and asked to speak to a manager (this is boring isn’t it?), who duly promised to check and call me back in 4 to 5 hours. By 3:30 pm I had not heard anything so I tried to speak to someone in the UK (at Bracknell). Five times I was shunted off to India before I managed to actually get someone at Bracknell to listen to a complete sentence. On one of the India calls I was told that there was no way that I would get a new monitor until the old one had been collected (and inspected, I presume) and a replacement authorised. I needed to speak to Customer Care, they said. They connected me to Customer Care, in India. I was promised a call back, and I got one!!! Monitor would definitely be delivered today, “But”, says I, “its 4:40 pm now!” The caller insisted it would be delivered today. Now, admittedly I was only at work until 7 o’clock, but still no monitor.

Have I been patient enough? Can anyone answer the first question?

The tragedy for Dell is that, although we are not big in the scheme of things, many of our 200+ students ask me and my trainers for buying advice. I think I may well be having to think long and hard about that one.


  Greenmachine 23:49 26 Jul 2004

hi this is greenmachine, emm i dunno it is obvously very bad orginisation but all u need to have is a bit of neck. Phone up Dell tell them you need to speak to the Governing manger about a serious technically problem with the phonelines that you recently uncovered, saying that the dell people dont seem to have brains and maybe even worse that the computers he is using doenst seem to pass information around because if they had you mite actually have the equipment you were promised by dell and actually paid for, and that maybe they would ahve the curtousy to give you what you bought, and remind him that (or she) it doesnt matter if half of his products are crap what you bought was something that mite actually have worked and then tell him that you mite jsut feel teh need to claim money from dell becuase tehy single handly mangaged to slim your profit margins because his boges employs couldnt be bother to do a proper job.
Just do it dont tell your name at first until you no that he will do something and exleast it will waste his time from do something productive adn then he willl get more complains
Greenmachine - IM 13 but age doesnt matter neck does

  sicknote 23:50 26 Jul 2004

appropriate address for official complaints is: Mr.Aongus Hegarty MD for UK & Ireland

Dell Customer Relations, Boghall Road, Bray. Co. Wicklow, Ireland.
fax.: UK 01344317040. EIRE 012040769

  ened 06:38 27 Jul 2004

I have esuffered an experience so similar that I could have written your thread.
sicknote: I tried that but did not even receive a reply.

  Mike D 07:37 27 Jul 2004

Thanks sicknote, I will give that a try. Maybe I will have more luck than ened!

Lousy, the gist of what you are saying has already been done. I cannot tell him about bogus technical problems with their phonelines because that will destroy my credibility. All I will say is that Dell are very good running interference for their managers, hence my request for contact details.


  The Dark Sage 08:24 27 Jul 2004

No real advice to give you I am afraid. Like you we use Dell's at work, but unlike you I don't have a bad word to say about them.

Everytime we have a problem, of which we have a few due to sales people not really looking after their kit properly, we just call them up and they are out the next day to sort the problem.

Whenever I am asked to recommend a PC to somebody, I always tell them to get Dell, and to get the 3 years next day support. Obviously this would have not been good advice to give you!

Hope you get it sorted out.

Good Luck

  DTee 22:21 27 Jul 2004

I had a similar problem recently and was extremely frustrated. I have no problem dealing with India providing the system works and we can understand each other (which sadly is often not the case). When I was at breaking point I wrote to [email protected] and almost immediately things started to happen. I suddenly received attentive calls from India (with supervisor check up calls from the USA). Quickly my problem was resolved. I wish you luck!


  Mike D 22:34 27 Jul 2004

The Dark Sage, I used to think that Dell was the dog's thingies, like you, but sadly they now seem more like the dog's dinner.

David, thanks for that, I may well get onto him next.

The Senior Operations Manager (?) in India has personally promised me that the monitor will be delivered tomorrow. I can hardly contain my excitement! He didn't seem to be too impressed when I inferred that it would be quite a chilly day in hell before I sent anyone with even the remotest parkof humanity to Dell (miind you I could probably think os some exceptions...).

Thank you all, I will keep you posted.


  Mike D 22:38 27 Jul 2004

Or even a spark of humanity!


  Sir Radfordin 23:29 27 Jul 2004

I doubt Dell have a problem with availablilty - we've had large numbers of TFTs coming into work on nearly a daily basis for the last month or so. What puzzles is, is how the 'in house' paperwork takes longer to get up two flights of stairs than Dell take to deliver servers from Ireland!

On the whole the service we have had as an business from Dell has been very good form Sales to Technical Support to Customer service. Let's hope this was just a small 'human' blip and that things get sorted.

  Mike D 07:37 28 Jul 2004

Sir Radfordin

Sarcasm (on my part) aside, I hope it is a "blip", but the impression that I am getting is that, as a business, we are too small to worry about and that if the waters are muddied enough, enough half truths are told the customer will give up.


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