problems with btinternet

  palinka 21:37 02 May 2011

I’ve been plagued by problems with email ever since I switched to btinternet in March. I have now solved them myself: btinternet customer service insisted on changing the settings on my computer; I have now changed them back to what they were originally, and things are almost back to normal. At last I am also able to use msgtag – which is important to me; I can also receive emails sent to my domain name and forwarded to my btinternet address. But it appears to be impossible to SEND emails using my domain name. Talk about a nanny state – btinternet take the biscuit. I had a low opinion of them before I switched, so I did it with my eyes open, I thought; but they make their own rules and regulations which rae different from other ISPs and seem to disregard the customer.

  Forum Editor 00:54 03 May 2011

Maybe you're being a little hard on BT?

In common with other ISPs they don't like relaying - that is, emails being sent across their servers to an smtp mail server on another domain name. The reason is that spammers use this method, and BT doesn't want its smtp mail servers being used for spam purposes.

If you want to use your own domain name you should use the BT smtp server for outbound mail, but you'll have to let them know first. You can do this via your BT Yahoo login - there's a special section where you can authenticate yourself and register the domain name that you want to use to send mail via the BT smtp server.

You can of course still use your own domain's POP server for inbound mail, as you've no doubt discovered.

I've been doing it without any hitches for years.

  palinka 13:30 03 May 2011

thanks for that advice, FE ; I'll try it. It's a pity that that 2 separate customer service men at bt didn't tell me that. But no, I can't login to my domain name and send/receive my emails that way: the domain name is used solely as a forwarder; I don't use the domain as such for anything. My reason for using a domain name is that it saves me telling 300+ people when I change my email address, and my previous email address contained a complex set of letters and numbers & nothing that linked it to me.

  Forum Editor 18:41 03 May 2011

If you get stuck let me know. I may be able to suggest other ways forward.

  palinka 16:37 28 May 2011

Thanks, FE, for your post (above) on 3.5.11, but obviously I misunderstood because when I DID write to you, saying I was still stuck, you replied that you "could not engage in an ongoing one-to-one problem solving process via email" and you explained why & you suggested looking for help in the Forum. So…..Anyone with clear step by step instructions, please? Mail sent to my domain name ARRIVES in the Inbox of my btinternet account without problems; but I cannot SEND emails by the reverse process (ie apparently from my domain name, instead of from my btinternet account) not even if I am sending a reply to an email received by that method. I have tried working through BT’s “how to verify addresses…Error 553…”, but cannot complete it because I do not have & have never had a password for my domain name email. The only way I can access such emails is through the Inbox of my ISP (currently btinternet) Neither do I know whether it is POP3 or what it is. I have just spent another hour on the problem and I’m no further forward. I used my previous ISP for approx 6 years and used my domain name all that time without problems. The current situation with BTinternet is a nightmare. Help, please, someone.

  961 16:44 28 May 2011

I think FE post of May 3 explains the situation if you follow it through

If you are receiving your e-mails ok why not just end your outgoing with "please reply to..."

  HXP 00:03 29 May 2011

or you could transfer your domain to bt which would solve all your issues I believe

  palinka 10:24 29 May 2011

I would transfer my domain to BT if I knew how to do that.; I didn't know BT hosted domain names.

  palinka 10:35 29 May 2011

961 - my experience of emailing a large number of people (300+) is that many of them have a very limited understanding of the entire process. I also help a number of people with their computer problems and I know that when someone changes their email address it can take YEARS(and several explanatory, step by step emails) to get their friends to delete the old address from their contacts list and start using the new one. That is partly why I began using a domain name because that would remain constant no matter who was my ISP. That is why I don't want to give my friends my new btinternet address. So although on the face of it your suggestion is a good one I don't want to do that. Thanks, all the same.

  palinka 10:17 30 May 2011

123-Reg, who host my domain name, confirm that the situation is as follows: "I have checked your email set up and you have the email address [email protected] set up as an email forward not as a mailbox. To have access to 123-reg pop servers you need to have a mailbox with us and not use email forwarding. With an email forward we do not store any of your email, we simply pass it onto BT for you."

I already knew all this , but I cannot persuade BT. I will write to BT once more, sending them the message from 123-reg. I do not wishto have a mailbox at 123-reg (cost approx £4 a month + added inconvenience )

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