Problems with Acer and Laptops Direct

  Dr30 15:46 19 May 2008

I just wanted to share with people my experiences of Laptops Direct and Acer, to warn them of problems that I had so that they can make a more informed choice. Let me tell you about my experiences of purchasing an Acer Laptop Travelmate 3043 from Laptops Direct, as my primary work computer as the Director of a consulting company. Brand new laptop arrives with faulty shift key, it gets returned and then weeks later arrives with a cracked screen. It gets sent back again leaving me without a computer for another week. The computer performance was terrible – working at approximately 80% memory usage when idle, extremely slow. Approximately 5 months after purchase, the computer malfunctions and does not boot up. It required a complete system repair. It does the same thing again 4 weeks later! The amount of time wasted has been unbelievable, time on the phone, time waiting for couriers who never arrive, time continually chasing up errors that have been made, eg. Wrong address, lost serial numbers, lost tracking, etc!, The worst part has been the complete lack of customer service from Acer and from the reseller Laptops direct. Basic errors such as sending couriers to the wrong address and even worse, trying to return my laptop to me at the wrong address – 3 times!! I have spent hours on the phone talking to representatives at these companies who have been unhelpful, making constant errors and after many requests, I have not once received a call back from a manager. My laptop is still not working and yet although it is under warranty I cannot get a refund or replacement. I receive letters from Acer putting the onus on Laptops Direct and vice versa. No one will take responsibility and everybody continually passes the buck. It is an absolute disgrace and I cannot believe that these companies continue to operate in this manner. What I wanted is basic – a computer that works and a decent warranty service for one such as mine that does not work. I have been forced to purchase a new computer as I cannot work without one (I recommend Apple Mac by the way – it is brilliant) and I have been told that Laptops Direct have dispatched my computer 3 weeks ago, I have not yet received it so who knows where it has been dispatched to and no one seems to know where it is???!!! A complete shambles. I will never buy an Acer again, never deal with Laptops Direct again and I hope that this message warns other customers away. If the companies had have dealt with these problems in a professional and efficient manner I would have accepted the problems without complaint. Instead, I have received no response to several letters outlining my issues and have been waiting for over 4 months since my computer malfunctioned for a suitable solution. STAY AWAY FROM ACER AND LAPTOPS DIRECT.

  spuds 16:28 19 May 2008

Dr30-- I find the above a little hard reading, due to the continues layout.And it might put others off from reading it also.

Acer are quite correct in referring you to Laptop Direct, who are the seller, and as such under consumer law, they are responsible for resolving the matter. Acer have a different role to play, possibly as warranty agents.

One question that I would ask: How did Acer become involved. Was it on the instructions of Laptop Direct?.

What I would suggest, is that you contact your local trading standards, CAB or similar Advice Centre. You could also contact Consumer Direct click here

If you purchased the laptop via a credit card payment, then contact your credit card provider for further advice and assistance.

  chub_tor 17:47 19 May 2008

If you have all the paperwork, records of your phone calls etc this is a dead cert for compensation through the Small Claims Court. It's not expensive to apply and you can claim back the court costs anyway plus interest on the amount you are claiming. In all probability Laptops Direct will settle as soom as the Court letter is received by them. If they fail to reply the judge will automatically rule in your favour. A riend of mine did this with Dixons a while back and got immediate results following months of unresolved letters and phone calls.

  Horik 18:05 19 May 2008

They have a good online advice site called Adviceguide, which is a useful resource for giving an outline of your rights on many issues:

click here

  Forum Editor 19:42 19 May 2008

1. We don't allow threads which exhort other people to stay away from a particular supplier or manufacturer, based on one bad experience. It's up to individuals to decide for themselves whether or not to use a particular company. Normally your thread would automatically be deleted, but I can see it took a while to type all that, and on this occasion I'll leave it as it is.

2. You posted an identical message in someone else's thread, and your post has been deleted - please don't add the same message to other threads; you've started your own, so stick to it.

As far as your problem is concerned, the advice you've been given by spuds is sound. The laptop was sold to you be Laptops Direct, and under consumer law your contract is with that company - not with Acer. Laptops Direct are responsible for resolving any problems, and the correct course of action would have been to refer all complaints to them - it isn't your responsibility as a consumer to become involved with the manufacturer unless you choose to do so. It mmay well be that you have dealt with Laptops Direct exclusively, but your post doesn't make that clear

Acer, like all manufacturers, provide a warranty with their computers, but this is in addition to your existing rights under consumer law - it doesn't replace or limit them.

It's possible that Laptops Direct asked you to deal with Acer, but you were under no obligation to do so. Sometimes suppliers suggest a direct contact with the manufacturer because in certain situations it can be a faster way of resolving a problem - laptops are often a case in point, because few if any retailers have the technical facilities, or the trained staff to carry out repairs. This may be why you ended up dealing with Acer yourself, and perhaps you'll confirm whether that was the case?

Please can you answer the following questions?

1. When did you buy this machine.

2. Did you use a credit card?

3. Did you deal with Acer right from the start, or was the machine returned to Laptops Direct initially?

4. If Laptops Direct took the computer back initially, at what stage did you start dealing with Acer yourself, or have you ever dealt with them?

5. You mention letters - who did you write to?

  Forum Editor 19:50 19 May 2008

There's no such thing as a "dead cert for compensation through the Small Claims Court".

Each case is considered on its individual merits. Whilst we don't for a moment doubt the truth of what our forum memers say we usually hear one side of a story only, and for that reason we don't make sweeping judgments, or any judgments at all until or unless we have all the facts.

A small claims action is certainly not something I would recommend in this instance until I know a good deal more about the order of events so far.

  chub_tor 22:23 19 May 2008

Point taken FE.

  ronalddonald 06:21 03 Jun 2008

with the outcome concerning your laptop, has it been fixed.

I would like to know, and may be others would like to know if has been resolved or is it on going.

  AnnieW 17:01 15 Feb 2010

Wish I'd read your warnings before dealing with Acer Direct....
I paid £500 for an Aspire Timeline on 5th February. It arrived on the 9th and worked fine all day. I couldn't log in on the 10th as the mouse didn't seem to be responding. I contacted Acer who re-set everything to the factory settings but still no joy. They told me I could return it to them for repair but they would have to charge £68 if it turned out to be a software problem. I realised then that the retailer, Acer Direct, has nothing to do with Acer.
I contacted Acer Direct who told me to complete a returns form on-line. I did that and it told me I would receive a response within 24 hours. I didn't, so called them. I was told they hadn't received my form so I would have to complete another one. I did this immediately and waited.
I was contacted by a technical guy on the 11th February who tried everything that Acer had already done. I waited again and when I asked what was happening, I was told to fill in another returns form! Finally they told me to pack the laptop in the original, undamaged packaging and they would send a courier to collect it on the 12th.
I waited at home all day on the 12th and called them at 4pm as there was still no sign of a courier. I was told it was definitely booked for collection that day but it could be as late as 6pm. I waited until 6.40 then contacted them again. I received a reply on Saturday 13th to say that there are no collections at the weekend, so it would be Tuesday as only those things booked on Friday can be collected on a Monday. I protested that this had been booked on Thursday and was told on Sunday that it would be collected on Monday after all. I will then be told within 7 days from receipt of the returned laptop what they plan to do. Very good of them, I thought!
It is now 16:50 on Monday and still no courier. I have contacted them again to check that someone is coming today. No reply.
In short - paid £500 10 days ago; wasted a day on work which was wiped when the faulty laptop was re-set; wasted 2 more days waiting for a courier that hasn't yet showed up; spent hours being spoken to like a child on the phone, writing emails, filling in returns forms; can expect at least another 10 days until my laptop is replaced or repaired.
I am a self-employed consultant and cannot afford to be without a laptop. Time is money for me and Acer Direct have cost me a fortune already.
Will I ever deal with them again? NEVER!!!

  iscanut 17:14 15 Feb 2010

Why resurrect an 18 month old thread. Best to start your own.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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