problem with virgin mobile phone

  Paul M Shaw 13:08 02 Feb 2017

ive had my sony experia z3 for nearly two years so the contract is nearly up but recently the screen was acting wierd it looked like static on the screen but then all of a sudden nothing would show up on my screen i researched it and it looks like a common problem with sony z3 phones, we rang virgin media to ask if it was still under warrenty for repairs which they said it was so we sent the mobile phone to virgin to be repaired, we then recieved a phone call from virgin media to which they told us that the phone wouldnt be repaired and it would cost £100 plus to do so because of user abuse which even i thought was strange as it was only dropped once from the edge of our couch which is roughly 18 inches the phone did recieve a crack on the top left hand side but carried on working for way over a year into the contract as when it dropped it was about 4/5 months into the contract, we told them to return the phone as we wont be spending £100 plus when we were told it was in warrenty, the phone was returned today 2/2/2017 at roughly 11.00 am to 11.30 am with the screen hanging off on the left hand side and all the plastic screen protecters missing from both sides so it was sent back to us in a worse condition than when we sent it. if anyone has any ideas on what i should do about this any info would be greatly appreciated.

  Forum Editor 18:00 02 Feb 2017

These are always tricky cases to deal with.

The first thing to say is that if your phone was returned to you in a worse state than when it left you, Virgin Medias is liable to rectify the matter, even if the damage was caused in transit. Under the terms of current consumer legislation, a supplier is responsible for goods, right up to the point of delivery.

Unfortunately, it is notoriously difficult to contest a 'user abuse' allegation by a supplier, especially when - as in this case - the user admits to having caused some damage.

You might try contacting Virgin Media to tell them that you have consulted us, and see if you can get them to put right the damage that occurred whilst the phone was with them, or when it was being returned to you. Try not to be confrontational, but be firm - you have a right to expect the phone back in the same condition as when you sent it.

If you are going to stay with Virgin Media, and your contract is nearly due for renewal they might offer you a better deal on a new phone if you renew.

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