Problem with Sitecom Guarantee

  Old_Badger 11:36 17 Dec 2009

I wonder if anyone has had problems with guarantees on Sitecom products.

Sitecom give 10 year guarantees on their routers, etc. Mine failed after 2 years so I made a claim. They sent an autoresponse but nothing else.

The only way to get in touch with Sitecom is to keep making the same claim. The second time I got a reply saying they would chase up the warehouse.

I made two more attempts to get something done but nothing has actually happened and it is now four and a half weeks since my original claim.

I would be interested to hear if anyone knows how to get Sitecom to honour their guarantees.

  birdface 14:12 17 Dec 2009

Not sure if it is the same company or not.

click here

They have different addresses maybe there is one near you.

  Old_Badger 14:23 17 Dec 2009

Thanks for this Buteman. It does look like the same company or at least the UK branch of it.

I am still interested to hear from anyone who has had prolems with Sitecom guarantees, so I will leave the thread open for a while.

  daveeb 19:03 17 Dec 2009

I had similar problems with a sitecom router. Packed in after 18 months. I initially contacted Maplins where i purchased it. They weren't interested and referred me to Sitecom. Sitecom bounced me right back saying the first two years of the (10 year) guarantee was dealt with by the store. As the thing only cost £30 i decided life was too short and went out and bought a decent Linksys one. I now avoid Sitecom products and use Maplins only when i have no easy alternative.

  Old_Badger 10:25 18 Dec 2009

Thanks for that Daveeb

I would have been inclined to do the same as you but I happened to have a spare router from my broadband provider. So I could claim on the guarantee at my leisure!

It just annoys me when firms make promises and then dont honour them!

  Old_Badger 16:01 23 Jan 2010

I eventually got round to trying the phone number for Sitecom that Buteman showed me - but it's no longer a valid number!

Still no response from my online claim to Sitecom which I have repeated several times since last November. This is despite the fact that I registered my router with Sitecom when I bought it.

My final conclusion is that Sitecom's 10 year warranties are a complete waste of time!!!!

  961 16:16 23 Jan 2010

It really is Maplins responsibility to sort this as your contract is with the retailer

If you can be bothered I really would raise the matter with Maplins Head Office

  wiz-king 17:15 23 Jan 2010

click here
phone and fax for the head office click here

  daveeb 15:21 25 Jan 2010


As it was over 12 months old I decided that the amount of resistance i had already experienced didn't merit pursuing it any further. Had it been more valuable then my line of thought would have been different. I have however dramatically reduced my spending at Maplins. Nowadays i only purchase things there that i can't source elsewhere, so they have lost a very good customer for the sake of a £30 router !

  Old_Badger 16:20 25 Jan 2010

In a way I agree with you Daveeb. I suppose one reason I started this thread was to find out if other people have had problems with Sitecom warranties. You are the only person who has said they have!

Anyway using PC Advisor to tell people that Sitecom don't always honour their warranties is a whole lot easier than standing outside Maplins with a placard - would I do such a thing!

  daveeb 19:10 28 Jan 2010

I guess we live and learn Old_Badger. Well some good came out of my run in with sitecom/Maplins, I ended up getting a Linksys router which has been excellent. Oh dear I guess I've just condemned it to break down by the weekend.

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