problem with programe SONIC SATGE

  Matias 10:55 23 Mar 2004


im having this problem with the mini disc programe sonic stage. everytime i try to donwload an mp3 and that i make the transfer to my MD, the programe crashes. i dont have this probleme when i do transfer from music i had on a compact disc, the programe just doesnt want me to transfer any mp3 to my MD.


  Hornblower 11:34 23 Mar 2004

I too have SonicStage and find it quite intuitive. One thing you have to bear in mind however is that the programme does not use mp3 files, but ATRAC, Sony's own.

The compact disc music that you have 'backed up' will have been converted by SonicStage to the file type I have just mentioned, NOT mp3, which is why the programme is crashing when you try to DIY (I presume).

I do not know, (but would like to!) whether it's possible to convert ATRAC to mp3 or vice versa. Perhaps another reader might have knowledge of a programme that can achieve this? I will be watching this space.

  Hornblower 12:14 29 Mar 2004

You went very quiet - did my explanation hit the nail on the head?

Anyone else use SonicStage? Got any tips you can pass on?

  Matias 10:25 02 Apr 2004


so, i asked a fiend that uses sonicstage, and he got to stransfer mp3s from his downloaded fiels, to sonicstage, and into his MD, without crashing. so i thought that its was probably because i had an older version, so he lend me his version, whitch worked fine until yesterday, when the same old problem happened.

could it be a probleme with my MD?
thanks for answering to my thread hornblower

  Hornblower 19:13 02 Apr 2004

...I had not tried to put mp3's on as I was trying to put a lot of my collection onto MD first. I'll have to give it a go and see if I have any problems with it.

No time for a short while - keep an eye on this thread and I'll let you know how I get on.

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