problem with my carrera pc,i called watford

  bibo1465 19:53 27 Mar 2005

Hi everyone.

I bought my pc from carrera 7 months ago, i like this pc so much.

I am having problem with my pc since last Sunday 20/3/2005, the fan of the CPU stop working.

On Monday i called watford electronics, technical support,and told them about the problem i am having,they said to me that (there only 2 engineer)to cover the whole country which i was so shocked when they said that to me.

And they said to me the engineer will call me within 24 working hours(3 days).In the third day as agreed the engineer called and gave me appointment on 6 April(nearly 3 weeks from the day my pc stop working,which is too long without my pc.

I spoke to the engineer,and asked him if he can come earlier than this day, he said to me you are so lucky to give you appointment this time.normally you have to wait 3 to 4 weeks.And i have to wait all day for him,which is not fair.

  Starfox 20:13 27 Mar 2005

Gosh,I think your lucky to get a response so quickly,after all Carrera have gone bust(and not for the first)time,leaving lot's of people in a mess.

  freaky 20:43 27 Mar 2005

You really only have two choices here:-

(a) Wait for the Engineer.

(b) Purchase and fit a new Fan for the CPU.

If you go for option (b) then you need to detach the Fan from the CPU Hotsink plus disconnect the two power leads from the Motherboard. Take the Fan to say PC World and purchase a replacement.

It is quite a simple job to do. Alternatively check the two power leads that connect to the Fan, possibly one of them has worked loose, this might be the cause of the problem.

Good luck!

  freaky 20:46 27 Mar 2005

I just thought, you should have posted this message in the Helproom not here.

  Linda Weir 11:31 28 Mar 2005

you have tried cleaning it. ours was stopping and cleaning worked.

  bibo1465 16:35 28 Mar 2005

hi everyone

For freaky: I bought a new fan and install it, the same thing happened, the fan keep stopping after 2 minutes. i do not to do anything inside the case i might lose the warranty.Wnen the new fan doesn't worked, i put the old one back. let the engineer do his job, i do not to do something stupid and lose the warranty i have.

GREENFUSE1: i have already used the (air duster) to clean inside the fan including the fan for the CPU.

thank you for all your help again.

My kindest regards

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