Problem with Gainward guarantee and Aria!

  Mi Lewis 22:46 07 Oct 2008

Problems with Gainward Guarantees!!
I have a Gainward Bliss 7900 GS graphics card purchased in December 2006. It was purchased from Aria Technology (one of Micromart's regular advertisers) and a few weeks ago it developed a fault which led to no signal being sent to the monitor. Yes this card is a bit old now but you would expect a graphics card to last at least two years. In fact the card was covered by Gainward's three year guarantee so I could be forgiven for thinking that I might get the card repaired or replaced?

Here my problems started. Aria have yet to reply to one of my countless e-mails sent to them over the past few weeks. Their RMA section of the website informs me that it is out of guarantee. So I thought that I would contact Gainward Europe to claim for a warranty repair direct from the manufacturer. Their "new support policy" reads:
Warranty claims regarding GAINWARD’s products can only be carried out by

representative parties to GAINWARD Europe GmbH; these meaning distributors, resellers

and other cooperative partners under legal contract with GAINWARD Europe GmbH.

Direct claims from end-users towards GAINWARD will no longer be handled directly by

GAINWARD. End-users with warranty claims, support issues or other technical enquiries

regarding GAINWARD’s line of products are therefore required to directly contact their

place of purchase. These places will forward any enquiries, claims or other errands to the

correct representative within GAINWARD. Direct handling of warranty claims with

GAINWARD can only be carried out if the product has been purchased directly from

GAINWARD, eg. Via GAINWARD’s Webshop or under similar circumstances.

So I am caught in a catch 22 situation. Gainward will not deal with members of the public who buy their products (I have so far sent several e-mails to Gainward Europe in Germany with no reply) and Aria Technology will not deal with Gainward's 3 year guarantee, or even answer an e-mail to customer services.

Have Gainward changed their policy because there were so many claims under guarantee? Are Gainward producing guarantees that are not worth the paper they are printed on? Watch this space. But if you have purchased a Gainward component beware!

  GaT7 22:56 07 Oct 2008

Two other ways to contact Aria:

Call them: Customer Services 0844 999 8 999 Mon-Fri 9.00am-5.00pm

Write to them (send Special delivery):

Aria Technology Ltd.
Aria House
Belle Vue Avenue
Pottery Lane
M12 4AS

I guess you've done some of your own troubleshooting with the card to confirm it is indeed faulty? G

  spuds 23:11 07 Oct 2008

Gainward may well offer a 3 year product guarantee, but they are not obliged to honour this, if the product was sold via an unauthorised retailer, or the guarantee's terms and conditions appear to suggest 'if applicable' for whatever reason.

British consumer law would make the retailer responsible 'within a reasonable time', mainly within the first 12 months, thereafter would depend on the product and value.

For further information click here

  Mi Lewis 23:12 07 Oct 2008

Thanks Crossbow. I will go down the postal route. Yes the card has been checked out thoroughly in 2 different systems. Either works spasmodically or no signal to monitor at all. Probably a simple fault with the card, if only I could get it looked at by Gainward!

  GaT7 00:02 08 Oct 2008

"Yes the card has been checked out thoroughly in 2 different systems."

Does the card's cooling fan spin-up every time?

Did you use the same monitor & cables each time?

"I will go down the postal route."

I would call them as well.

About the 3-year warranty, you have some concrete proof, don't you? G

  Mi Lewis 22:52 12 Oct 2008

Had a reply from my e-mails to Aria and they are offering to send my card off to Gainward for repari/ diagnosis. This is a result!

I will let you know what happens if the card ever gets back from Gainward.

The 3 year warranty is in print in the manual supplied with the card. The fan powers up each time but there is no signal. I have tried two different systems including 2 different monitors. All work well with a substituted graphics card.
I have scanned a copy of the warranty before sending it all back to Gainward for repair!

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