Problem with an eBay seller

  pj123 20:51 04 Aug 2006

This is more of an advice problem rather than a help problem. So I will leave it here. (FE, if you think it is a help problem, please feel free to move it).

I bought an item (well I thought I had) on ebay a few days ago. It was a "Buy it Now" and not an auction.

The seller said he would accept a Bank Transfer and to "ask for details".

I have sent an email to the seller every day for the last 4 days (plus 1 fax, his fax number is on his website) asking for his bank details to enable me to do a Bank Transfer. I have not had any response from him at all so far.

My last email, sent today, I said that if I hadn't heard from him by "close of business today" I would cancel the transaction.

I still haven't received any response so I am about to send another email cancelling the transaction.

As it wasn't an auction can I do that without any problems? I don't want to damage my 100 percent feedback record.

If I can't get any "details" from him I can't effect a payment???

  Al94 21:37 04 Aug 2006

Firstly, I would give it a few days, maybe the seller is away or ill, always a possibility. Failing that, have a browse here to read about your options click here I can understand you wanting to protect your 100%, always concerns me too but doubt in the circumstances if it will be a problem.

  pj123 21:51 04 Aug 2006

The seller is a Company with a very comprehensive website. Highly unlikely that everyone is away. The telephone number listed is always on "ansafone". I have left a message but no-one has called me back.

I have since been out today and bought the same item from my local PC shop at a cost of only £2 more than the ebay price.

If I still get tied in to buying this item from ebay there isn't a problem as I have another PC which could do with the upgrade.

  spuds 22:14 04 Aug 2006

You state that you have bought an item a few days ago, and you are now telling the seller that you are cancelling the transaction at 'close of business today', because they are not responding to your emails etc. Have you taken into consideration that that the seller is away on holiday, perhaps ill or as a faulty computer. A few of many reasonable late response answers, in such a short time!.

Normally, a time lapse of a couple of weeks is in order for a reply, before getting to the stage of threatening to cancel a transaction. Remember, at this early stage,there is a legal contract between you and the seller to honour both sides of the agreement. At least you have not lost any money yet, by paying instantly via PayPal or cheque. Personally, and this is my own opinion and safeguard rule, I would never deal with a seller who wants a bank transfer deal.

Give the seller a little more time, before you commence sending further emails and faxes.

  pj123 22:40 04 Aug 2006

spuds, what is the problem with a Bank Transfer?

I accept Personal Cheques or Bank Transfers.

Bank Transfers take less time to clear than a cheque.

Anyway, as I have said this is a Company and not a private seller. They also accept Credit/Debit cards over the phone, if only I could get an answer on their phone line.

  wee eddie 23:03 04 Aug 2006

who is on holiday - after all it is august

  erkmatrix 11:03 05 Aug 2006

Wouldn't the ebay account be on vacation setting if he was on hols and tell the buyer this is the case.

Maybe is a one man band and he/she is ill

  Al94 11:09 05 Aug 2006

Bank Transfer - once you have paid the money is gone, you have no protection whatsoever. Handy if you are a seller but I would never buy using this method. I only use PayPal.

Many "Companies" with comprehensive websites are in fact small one man type set ups.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 11:25 05 Aug 2006

Personally I would just forget it, if this mob are genuine then they can contact you if they want to. If it is a scam then you have saved yourself a lot of trouble. You have purchased the item from elsewhere so there is not a lot you can do until something happens from their side. As happens quite a lot these people may have no stock and will not respond until they have, they leave you dangling.

  spuds 11:27 05 Aug 2006

pj123-- Personally it is my own safeguard and less hassle rule, by not paying via bank transfer, Western Union, postal order and on eBay by cheque (unless the item wanted, is definitely 100% wanted, and no exact substitutes are available elsewhere, even at an higher price).

I much prefer to pay by PayPal, Nochex or cash on collection, with the occasional direct credit card payment arrangement.With these methods, you have certain safeguards by third party intervention, if needed, in cases of dispute.

Having done many, many deals on eBay on a weekly basis, I think that I have had a fair share of problems. All of which, have been resolved through being careful and extremely cautious. I must admit, that PayPal can be a pain at times, but again, knowing the enemy can help.

Regarding the fact that it is a company that you are dealing with, there are many one person operated companies on eBay, who may give the impression that they are a much larger organization, than they actually are. I know of at least three people, who have impressive websites on eBay, yet they do not stock anything. They are acting as selling agents for other companies, hence their 'Collection not possible from our warehouse' or similar disclaimer notices.Plus sometimes they use third party payment and tracing/tracking methods, which appears to take the whole transaction away from eBay at the 'drop of the hammer' on the winning bid.

  pj123 11:23 06 Aug 2006

I have just checked this sellers Feedback and since the 4th August there are 47 new feedback comments. All "excellent". So someone must still be available at this company to post out all these bought items. But I have still had no response at all.

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