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  mammak 18:10 03 Jul 2006

Only just started buying on ebay mostly "pokemon cards for the little un" and have no trouble at until now, I bought a card off a seller and sent payment via postalorder on the 24/06/06 I have recevied no feedback notification of payment received nor have I recevied the item I have contacted the seller but have had no response,

I am at a loss at what steps to take next am I being unreasonable or expecting too much?
ps. got the receipt for the postal order and it was posted first class.

  Rigor mortis 18:28 03 Jul 2006

Hope you crossed the PO atleast. It would have to be paid into a bank account then else, it's anonymous cashing a PO.
Give them more time to respond - just 5 working days have passed.
Finally, if you haven't heard from the vendor after a few more days, report them to eBay. Don't expect any action from them apart from an email reply.

  mammak 18:35 03 Jul 2006

Hi Rigor mortis it was'nt crossed but the new type PO's have the name printed on but I shouldnt think that will make a differnce eh!
thanks for your response I will give it a few more days then.

  GaT7 18:45 03 Jul 2006

As Rigor mortis suggests give them more time - I'd say at least 10 days.

When faced with a similar problem I have spoken to the seller directly via telephone, which has always worked for me (except on one occasion when the contact number was wrong, & I was forced to get eBay/PayPal involved). Involve eBay only as a LAST resort.

To get his/her contact details (phone number if registered) via email click here. They will also get an email with YOUR contact details.

If you go down this direct contact route, thread carefully as you're unaware of what has actually happened. Be polite & amicable. All the 'erring' sellers I've had to call had valid excuses, & on contact were apologetic, plus sent the item/replacement immediately, or I received a prompt refund as applicable. G

  mammak 18:51 03 Jul 2006

Thanks Crossbow7 I would only contact ebay as a last response as there could be any number of valid reasons for the delay thanks again for your response.

  Pamy 19:18 03 Jul 2006

I would e-mail the seller again and tell him/her of your concern, but do it through the ebay connection.

  Pamy 19:21 03 Jul 2006

There is also a ebay forum you can get on and post your qustion/concern there and get a reply from experienced ebayers

  mammak 21:20 03 Jul 2006

Pamy thanks will do, but will take the advice of all the responses and wait a few more days,thanks again.

  spuds 23:14 03 Jul 2006

Always allow extra time if sending payment by mail, because some people cannot access a bank or post office immediately, especially if it is a one off special journey due to other commitments or working patterns. Then there's delays of delivery including weekends to take into consideration. The seller will hold the item, until they are sure of payment being finalised. Paying by PayPal, if you can, makes life much simpler.

Give the person about ten days, before you send the polite email, asking if they had received the money, and when should you expect the item. If you get no reply, then send another polite email five days later.

If you get no reply at all, or a unconvincing email after about three weeks, inform the seller that you want a reply within 3 days as to when you are actually going to receive the goods, state that you may 'consider' filing a dispute claim with eBay .Do not file a dispute claim under any circumstances, unless you intend to follow it through.Filing a claim, may cost you £15, so consider this into the equation.

One way to see if the seller is reasonably reliable, is to read their feedback results and scoring.This method cannot be guaranteed as 100%, but it can be a fairly good indicator.

One example of of a recent deal that I completed. Bid and won the item, and received the sellers invoice. Then heard nothing for ten days, and it finally transpired that the seller's father had suddenly taken ill. My little over a hundred pound deal, was the last thing on the seller's mind at that time, when they had to make sudden and very urgent long distance travel arrangements. Fortunately in this case, no money had changed hands before the item was handed over at a later date, to everyone's satisfaction.

  leo49 00:40 04 Jul 2006

It can be frustrating when one pays promptly only for the seller to inexplicably drag their heels but if the seller has an excellent feedback record I wouldn't panic yet but follow the guidelines as laid down by Spuds. My policy as seller has always been to despatch the same day that payment is received [if before 2pm] and after that time the next working day.
But last September I had 30 items ending on a Sunday evening and at 8.30pm I was lying unconscious on the floor following a heart attack and it was a few days before I was in a fit state to organise a friend to inform buyers of the circumstances and get them to despatch the goods.The most unexpected things can happen to the best of sellers.

  mammak 18:35 04 Jul 2006

Thank you spuds and leo49 the seller has 100% feedback so seems reliable however I will do as spuds suggests and leave it a while longer then send anthor polite email,
because as has been mentioned it could very well be some family problem that would quickley put a few pound bid on ebay down the list of thier priorities.
thank you all for the responses and help

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