Prize for the most sweeping generality :-)

  Steve27 02:46 04 May 2003

I propose that amongst the competitions run by our generous patrons we have a special prize for the posting with the most sweeping generality.

To qualify there must not be even a hint of objectivity, blanket condemnation must on no account bear in mind any previous satisfied customers nor a companies market share.

The complexity of modern computing allied with the inexperience of the user must also be diligently ignored.

Feeble attempts by companies to apologies through this site must be haughtily disregarded, utter contempt will obviously earn the poster extra marks.

Open hostility and a pompous disregard for the opinions of others will qualify for bonus points.

Any postings dealing with problems from 'Time Computers' will be disqualified (obvious advantage here where contempt etc is concerned).

I propose that the FE be Judge and that his decision be final and in the spirit of the competition and normal practice be completely ignored...

  Steve27 02:55 04 May 2003

PS: nominations will be accepted on a postcard or scratched on the casing of a knacker-ed hard-drive.

  -pops- 07:21 04 May 2003

Definite whiff of over-indulgence with this post.

I hope, when you are recovered, that you will consign it to where it belongs - in the trash can.

  Steve27 10:23 04 May 2003

Fair enough pops, taken the alka seltza I have been enjoying this formum since it began and I got a little weary of the posts which advocate never - ever buying from this or that supplier on the strenght of an unfortunate personnal experience that is not mirrored by the vast majority of buyers. PC World, Dan, Mesh ect. With time well...

  -pops- 10:59 04 May 2003

I agree with your sentiments but was mystified by the way you announced them.

I've built dozens of machines and bought everything online with no problems at all but then I've never had to return anything. The only problem I've ever had is with one supplier often mentioned here where I placed an order for one item from a stock of 32. I went back to the site and found the stock level said awaiting stock. Now, this was a Sunday and I can't imagine that they could have sold 31 more of this item in the few seconds between my order and checking. I cancelled the order and then (unfortunately) got involved in this enote system. I can't remember why this came up but it did. Complete and utter waste of time. I did manage to cancel though.

  Steve27 11:50 04 May 2003

Yes my posting is a bit of an exercise in obscurity, I rather over egged the pudding with heavy irony and hyperbole.

This forum really could be/is an awesome force for change with so many registered users, some noted companies have a presence here but they are not often encouraged for the responses they make or the apologies they offer. Whilst they are big enough to look after themselves I think more would be encouraged to join if there was a little more objectivity.

PC World has often been roundly condemned but I have used them many times and on the occasions that there has been a problem they have (to date) been very helpful. The week before last I bought some networking kit from them, unfortunately I hadn't done my homework properly and I got the wrong equipment (entirely my fault) without any trouble at all they gave me a full refund and advised that they didn't know when they would get the stock in that I needed so I would be better using another source!

So often its the manner of our approach that can either help or hinder but praise where it is due even after much frustration would encourage better service all round.

  Mango Grummit 13:57 04 May 2003

Could be the branch I use. You get first class service from PC World at Derby. To be clear my only connection with them is as a satisfied customer.

  Tenner 14:16 04 May 2003

By the title, I thought you were aiming this at members' comments rather than simple condemnations of dealers/manufactureres - e.g. the contributer last week who said ' all digital cameras are the same.' or something similar, as a help comment for somebody who enquired about a specific camera.!!


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