Privacy disappearing?

  Elrond 12:41 20 Feb 2003

As an Aston Villa supporter I regularly go onto their website to check on the latest news etc. However, It is now impossible to access the website without registering your details with them. I find this rather disgeaceful and nothing more than a way to get all their rubbish mail sent out to you. I simply refuse to hand them my personal details. The funny thing is I can't even access the contact us page without registering my details, so I can't make a complaint

  Irishman 13:08 20 Feb 2003

Use a "throwaway" email address and then give them as little info as possible to get onto the site. You don't have to give them your real name, telephone number etc.

  vaughan007 13:25 20 Feb 2003

Whenever I fill anything out like that on the internet I always lie. As do most people I know....leads me to believe that making you register is a waste of time.....because we are all liars, obviously.

  tbh72 14:07 20 Feb 2003

Vaughanoo7...... I'm sure if you look carefully at your actions you are NOT actually lying, you are protecting your privacy!!! If you bank online, you would have provided correct details, if you sign up for a newsletter (That you want), you would provide the correct details. Same goes for online shopping.

I don't see it as a bad thing using desposable e-mail addresses if you are forced to give details to access an information area, especially when the person, company or organisation in question then sell's your personal details to make money. Some companies are just plain devious, we have a right to protect ourselves from that!!!

** I am NOT implying this would be carried out by the aforementioned football club, I speak generally from personal experience **

  simonp1 14:22 20 Feb 2003


Im also am a AV supporter, i did use their website but it was getting so stupid to use it and impossible to to go to fans zone i just dont bother anymore. If you know AV as well as most fans, this is typical of the club.

  rosblot 14:36 20 Feb 2003

Try reading article in February's MacFormat magazine
pages 20-23, Entitled Who can you Trust.

Its about the current trend for trusted computing,Microsoft style. where you have to trust them to get to use their programs e.g. Windows XP.

Very interesting and very bad news for everyone except the favoured few. especially bad news if you want your privacy.

  Goldcroft 15:24 20 Feb 2003

I had a problem with Tiscali site yesterday. Trying to help them, as I couldn't click through to one of the ads re a weekend break, the feedback form asked me for my tel no - it was a required field. Why? My email reply said that I would not reply to such questions in the future. The answer I got back, as I have had with Tiscali in the past (otherwise very good) demonstrated that no one had bothered to read or understand my feedback. Got a feeling again that humanoids were absent.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:37 20 Feb 2003

Having recently been to a talk about registration here is a precis.

More and more sites are having to ensure that their users must hand over personal details. The reason.......a). a site can be held totally responsible for the defamatory actions of any person/s using it. With compensation awards reaching silly figures sites are getting understandably tetchy.... b). Some of this may be to do with advertising. Sites provide superb service and excellent knowledge bases. There should be no need for anyone to buy a reference book, newspaper or technical manual these days. However this all comes at a hefty cost which someone has to pay for. Subscriptions are a definite no-no for most sites, advertising is a necessity, flogging names or sending offers from 'affiliates - it brings in the loot and there are few other ways. In any case most sites have a privacy policy that you can peruse although it sometimes is only available when you have signed up.

Refusing to join a site that interests you is cuttign your nose off to spite your face. If you really cannot abide advertising then set up an account with hotmail and use that as your sign-up address. Hotmail has filters that can take care of advertising or you can log on once a month and hit the delte button....takes a minute or so to clear the inbox.

In todays' society there is little privacy. Electoral rolls are open to public view, you can buy addresses off BT for mailshots, evrytime you use a credit/debit/store card the location, time and items are recorded and sold to other companies, in the case of Tescos 'loyallty card H.M.Inland revenue ;-)))), you are watched by 13 cameras (average) as you go to work, if your mobile is switched on your position can be pin-pointed to within 5 metres, if you walk through some, large town centres your face will be photographed,digitised and compared to the list of local villans and ne'er do wells and I have a legal info disc CD that has nearly every household in the UK and can allow a phone number to be found out from an address (legally).

Giving an email address to join a site is the least of ones' worries. Forget the adverts and enjoy the sites, the benefits greatly outweigh the disadvantages.


  Forum Editor 23:38 20 Feb 2003

and in the future those who make a habit of lying about their name and address will find they can't gain access to those resources that interest them. Sites will be checking the validity of names and addresses (not technically a difficult thing to do) and unless the details submitted are verified access will be denied.

Sites (like this one) that allow users to post messages may be jointly liable for any libellous or defamatory statments, as Gandalf has said, and the implications of this can be very serious indeed.

There is a problem with data protection - nobody can deny that, and it will become an increasingly important aspect of web site operation. If site owners and operators can be trusted to protect the personal information passed to them it will follow that people will not be so reticent in providing it.

  bigdamouk 03:19 21 Feb 2003

[QUOTE]I find this rather disgeaceful and nothing more than a way to get all their rubbish mail sent out to you. I simply refuse to hand them my personal details[/QUOTE]

How do you know they will send out rubbish if you haven't registered??

Do you belive a football team, who you staunchly support will sell your email address to companies?

Surely if you were to recieve emails from the club after registering, is there not a chance that these emails could be information about the club?

As GANDALF says, your are just cutting of your nose to spite your face!

Rant over!

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