Printing card?

  1936 20:15 21 May 2012

I'm looking for a photocopier capable of printing card because my current Samsung ML 6040 Black and white printer is not very good at handling card and neither is my Canon PixmaiP6000D.

  spuds 11:30 22 May 2012

It would all depend on the thickness of the card you are using, your price range and how many cards you want to print over a time span (commercial or domestic). Plus whether you want a photocopier, laser or inkjet type?.

  HondaMan 11:57 22 May 2012

A "straight through" paper path would also be an advantage

  1936 12:26 22 May 2012

The situation is that I am not at all satisfied with the service given to the Club by the printer so I thought that I would have a go at printing the cards myself. The Club needs about 400 Club Membership permits made up of a heavy 180 gram outer prited both sides and a paper inner sheet also printed both sides. I created the proofs so that both the outer and inner sheets will fit two Club cards to an A4 sheet. I tried the Samsung this morning and getting 180 gram card to run is difficult although the Canon will accept it. However, I recognise that putting more than a hundred or so cards though the Canon is not quite what it was built for. As for laser or inkjet type I just don't know which to go for any more than I know what a straight through" paper is so I am very much hoping that you can advise me.

  interzone55 17:27 22 May 2012

To be honest, considering the cost of a printer and card I'd be tempted to find a different agency to do my printing for me.

Most laser printers will struggle with anything more than about 128 gram paper due to the bendy way the paper travels round the print drum. You really need a printer where the paper / card travels a straight path, but most domestic and small office printers are not this type in order to keep them compact.

  1936 18:27 22 May 2012

I was afriad that you would say something like that. Bang goes my excuse to the wife that I really need a new printer.

  HondaMan 18:42 22 May 2012

A laser printer with a "straight through" path and business cards either micro-perf or "webbed" should meet your needs

  Woolwell 20:41 22 May 2012

I second alan14 - try a different printer (local or possibly on-line).

  shellship 17:57 28 May 2012

I was one of those who bought the Canon Pixma MP990. You know, the one that eats ink for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is actually a great machine (apart from its strange feeding desires)and recently I needed to print some invitation cards. Did it on 300gsm card. To be fair, it does have two places for paper one of which is straight through.

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