Printers and printer inks

  jarani 23:24 03 Apr 2005

which printers have cheapest inks - original and refills ?

where can one get cheapest ink - refills - for Dell 720 ?

help please - jarani

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:34 03 Apr 2005

click here

click here if you want to get your hands mucky.

click here

I think the printer is a Lexmark so there is little chance of getting cheap refill a la Epson. This is why the printers were cheap.

  sidecar sid 00:04 04 Apr 2005

Follow GANDALFS <|:-)> link if you want to get your hands dirty.

Or go here click here And buy the 10N0016 black and the 10N0026 colour lexmark compatable refills and very carefully cut the tops off and tape the Dell tops on.

  spuds 10:51 04 Apr 2005

They are Lexmark printers and print cartridges modified to suit the Dell. Refills are easy to do, providing that you willing and able to try this method. Cost about £1.50 a refill for both black and coloured, due to ink content in each cartridge.

If you want compatibles or refill ink click here

  spuds 10:54 04 Apr 2005

Whoops, error in link click here

  pj123 14:12 04 Apr 2005

For more info:

click here

  so3003 15:14 04 Apr 2005

I find to be very cheap for refills (they also do originals), good service and quick delivery too.

  loopyloo 15:05 07 Apr 2005

I had a Epson printer which has just broken down and I am looking for another printer just to print general things. I already have a HP photo printer but don't want to use it for general purpose. Can anyone suggest a printer

  jbp1982 15:27 07 Apr 2005

I can vouch for this one, cheap to run (compatible inks) and pretty good quality for everyday use.

click here

it has a big sister, the c86, only thing really different is print speed, after that, I'd go for this one:

click here

father in-law has this one and it's top notch! cheap to run with compatibles.


  agrb 15:30 07 Apr 2005

I recommend my printer which is a Canon S330 photo. 2/3 years use and never gone wrong-excellent results too. It uses 2 refills i colour and 1 black.I recently purchased 3xpairs for under £10. They are compatible but have never been able to tell the difference. Hope this helps.

  Wilham 16:59 07 Apr 2005

Printer with cheapest inks?...

I suggest Canon, with the four separate compatible visi-ink cartriges each under a pound, and cheap carriage. My model is the i850 but you will see the cartridges cover a wide range. click here

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