Printers - Manufacturers' Warrenties

  Estel 19:00 21 Sep 2003

I seem to be asking lots of questions lately - but I seem to have run into multiple problems!

My Epson C70 printer has started to have repeated problems within the one year warrenty period. They seem to be mechanical ink delivery problems, not software problems.

As you will all know, printer manufacturers tend to specify that use of "compatible" cartridges may invalidate their warrenty. Of course, most of us use "compatibles" because manufacturers' own cartridges are rip-off expensive.

I rang Epson helpline but they said they would not even look at the printer unless it had Epson cartridges on board. Since fitting a full set of Epsons would cost about £60 (the printer only cost £110) this hardly seems worth it.

I've seen references in PC Advisor and elsewhere that this exclusion may not be legally valid. Does anyone know the truth of this? My local trading standards office will only give advice on statutory rights (with the vendor which has, incidentally, gone out of business) and OFT do not advise on individual cases.

Just what is the legal standing of an exclusion in a warrenty that is over and above statutory rights?


  Forum Editor 19:21 21 Sep 2003

Well I wonder if that's true.

At an early stage in my relationship with inkjet printers I realised two things:-

1. Anything other than the manufacturers' cartridges may damage the printhead.

2. Manufacturers make the real money from selling cartridges, not printers. That's the way it is.

I've never used compatibles, and I do not recommend it to my clients - I've seen too many printers with wrecked printheads. You've probably got one now, and although it may well be the case that Epson are on slightly thin legal ice over this, they may be on very thick ice, and you would have to take legal action to find out. As far as I'm aware that hasn't happened yet. My 'real world' advice is to fit Epson cartridges and see if that might cure the problem. If it doesn't..........well, the printer has Epson cartridges now, doesn't it?

The alternative is to buy another printer, and this time stick to the correct ink cartridges.

  spuds 00:19 22 Sep 2003

If Epson have refused to offer any service, due to you using compatibles. Then I would take your concern to the supplier of your printer cartridges. A number of 'compatible' companies offer guarantees against the sort of problems that you have mentioned. Choice Stationary is one prime example.If you have any problems,caused by using their compatibles, they will deal with it.

  Estel 09:56 27 Oct 2003

I'll think on these replies. I have now bought a new (Canon) printer and I'll use Canon cartridges for the time being. As for the Epson C70 - well, I never was that impressed - even when it had Epson cartridges. Perhaps I'll just put it all down to (bad) experience!

Thanks anyway.


  Kegsy 21:01 27 Oct 2003

I used Epson's on my C60 and kept having ink delivery problems, got fed up with the price and have now used compatibles for some time, the problem is, if anything not as bad.

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