Printers and compatible inks

  kiz 16:43 21 Feb 2006

I am looking for a new printer which I can use with compatibles and had decided on a Canon after readings many posts here. But just having read Susiepops post on the Canon 4200, I am having second thoughts. Can anyone tell me if all Canon printers now on the market have this ink warning when using non manufacture's ink? She also asks in the post for alternative printers and I second that. I believe Epson also have a chip but can their (new) printers be used with compatibles? What about HP printers?

  961 16:51 21 Feb 2006

The single most important thing about printers is to buy one where the print head is in the ink cartridge and not the actual printer

By doing this you get a new print head every time you buy a new ink cartridge. It keeps the quality of the prints spot on and also costs far less to run, because the printer uses less ink to keep the print heads clean that do the types with the print head in the machine (see PCPro current issue for tests and costs)

HP printers have heads in the cartridge and use either new or remanufactured cartridges

  susiepops 17:07 21 Feb 2006

The beauty of the old Canons was that the print head was a separate feature and could be replaced fairly cheaply, about once a year in practice to maintain quality.

With Epson at the time it seemed to me that once the printhead had deteriorated the printer's life was over.

Things have moved on of course and it is only when you need to buy a new printer do you find your previous knowledge of little value. That is what happened to me so I have learned a lesson. (Always read as many reviews as you can each and every time)

The trouble with my purchase was it was a brand new entry (replacing the 4000) and user reviews were not really abundant. So perhaps another lesson is do not be among the first to buy a new product.

  spuds 18:10 21 Feb 2006

Before you purchase a new printer, see if these people click here are able to supply cartridges for the particular make or model.

  jakimo 21:51 23 Feb 2006

In September lst a number of professional magazine reviewers voted the canon pixma ip4200 a best buy,so you should not be put off by one line summary reviews.

However professional reviewer tests on printers are carried out using OEM inks & photo paper,and not compatibles. so it is unlikely that the ip4200 would have been a best buy. (there are many reports about the quality & problems with compatibles i.e. clogging & non colour matching on the net)....If you wish to see one of your own photos printed on the pixma ip4200 using original ink & photo paper

click here

  Stuartli 13:22 26 Feb 2006

I used compatible refill inks and cartridges with a Canon BJC 600e for nine years...:-)

The print head was stated in the manual (published in 1994 although I acquired the printer in 1996) to prove suitable for the life of the printer.

  anchor 13:07 28 Feb 2006

The cartridges used in my Epson 895 are chipped. I have no problem using the compatible cartridges from Choice.

I had a dud colour cartridge once, and they sent a replacement immediately. I find no difference to Epson originals. I don`t know about Canon ink cartridges; check with Choice about this.

  six-h 14:34 28 Feb 2006

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  six-h 14:38 28 Feb 2006

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