Printer recommendation?

  OhBeardedOne 08:21 30 Nov 2009

I need to buy my daughter a printer to use with her laptop. As a student it needs to fulfil the following criteria:
It must be cheap to run.
It must be able to print A4 sheets of written work.
It must above all take up as little desk space as possible. (Have you seen how small student rooms are in hall!)
Any suggestions?

  jack 10:45 30 Nov 2009

click here
from there the world is your oyster
The trend is toward 'allinone's' which can be bulky.
However some makers do offer 'portable' machines to match up to Lappies - look at HP for starters and Canon.
In the early days of inkjets Canon offered a BJ10 a black ony[no colour in those days] which has a foot print less than an A4 sheet- do they have similar now?.
Third party cartridges ensure economy to run look at click here

  jack 10:47 30 Nov 2009

EBay for BJ10 and its successors - carts are still available.

  spuds 12:10 30 Nov 2009

"Must be cheap to run", then I would perhaps suggest a printer that can run using a CISS. This will then do away with buying expensive cartridges, as each individual pot can be topped-up from a large container of suitable ink.

I would suggest that a visit to somewhere like PC World or Staples, which have good ranges of printers on display, before deciding to make a purchase. Check the price on the internet for the particular printer you decide to buy, and go from there.

I have a whole range of various printers from different manufacturers, and all seem to have their own litle quirks and grumbles. One that I am using at this moment is a Brother DCP-135C with a CISS. Superb bit of kit for £60.00 total.

Would perhaps mention " whole range of various printers" is because it was cheaper to buy another replacement printer, than pay more for cartridges. Hence also the suggestion for perhaps having a CISS fitted, if available.

  jack 14:08 30 Nov 2009

CISS- is the answer to economy sure - but in student accodation- can you imagine it?
Plus the hassle to pack it all up when moving in and out - at end of term etc.

  961 15:06 30 Nov 2009

I would always suggest a printer with the print head in the ink cartridge

If you trawl these threads you'll find reams of problems where the print head is actually part of the printer. If it goes wrong it means either buying a new printer or a repair that will cost more than the original purchase

Print heads tend to go wrong when the ink clogs up the print head, either when the room is very warm and the printer is not used for a while, or, forgive me, the student goes on vacation. (and why not?)

There may be others, but many HP printers have the print head in the ink cartridge. When it is empty you throw it away and buy another, but the secret is, you get a new print head as well

The mechanical bits of the printer will work until the degree is gotten, the print head is what matters

While you may find that new HP printers include print cartridges that last a bare 5 minutes, you can buy recycled jobs from folk like IJT direct that are just full of ink for peanuts

  GaT7 23:50 30 Nov 2009

As above, having a CISS is a must (even though it could be a hassle when moving about often).

You may want to avoid a Canon because of its 'ink wasting' features as discussed in this thread click here. However, they may have introduced better models now. G

  KremmenUK 15:30 01 Dec 2009

Does it 'have to be colour' ?

If not consider a cheap HP LaserJet. Toner cartridges last years.

  samnoble18 16:31 08 Feb 2010

Have you looked at the Samsung CLP315? Its an A4 colour laser printer which is one of the smallest on the market today. Will fit nicely on a desk and not take up much room.

click here

  chub_tor 16:56 08 Feb 2010

Can't say that I am impressed with the Samsung Laser Printer, see the review here click here. And I would like to disagree with Crossbow7's comment on Canon. I find that the removable printhead is a positive advantage in that I can take it out, wash it through and make it useable again if I have a blockage. Just bought my daughter an MP560 all in one. It is wireless so can be placed just about anywhere, reasonably small footprint and compatible chipped cartridges are available making it cheap to run. See some reviews click here

  OhBeardedOne 17:20 08 Feb 2010

Thanks for all the comments, in the end we bought a cheap canon inkjet (ip2600). Works just fine and if it gets stolen it's not the end of the world.

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