A printer that prints on CARD ???

  pamdas 19:33 23 Mar 2009

Hi all
Im really hoping that a printer expert out there can help me.

I own a small business (craft/jewellery/cards) and frequently meed to print on card. Not super think. Just basic card. Not more than 200gsm.

I had a Epson Stylus C64 (dont laugh) which used to feed card (albeit one by one) but did the job. Its now old and dying (almost dead).

I went to Staples first who advised on the Epson SX400 to print on the card. Guess what - it doesn't print on card. The little grabber things just wouldnt pull it through. I called Epson customer servies who said 'we actually dont recommend using card through any of our printers'. So it went back (a big nightmare cos I was JUST out of the 30day return policy).

Got desperate so started ringing the 'big' companies one by one to see if they knew which of their models printed on card...

So I called cannon customer services who recommended that all of the MX and IP range take up 300gsm card. I checked with Canon before I handed over my money at Argos and decided on a Canon PIXMAMP260 which would print on card.....brought it home, set it up with the mac and it is taking the card through but there are big blotchy black smudges back and front (vertical and horizontal some like roller marks). I have been through the entire troubleshooting and worked through the ideas - no joy. Called Canon customer services who say that 'they cant help - take it back to Argos. It must be a faulty printer'.

My whole day has been a printer nightmare from 9am till 7pm.

So I am asking any of you printer experts out there if you can help me answer this question. Do you know of a reasonably priced printer that can simply print on card aswell as paper. I am willing to spend about £150 which should get me a half decent printer I should imagine....anyone??

OR how can I solve the blotchy marks mystery??


  Totally-braindead 20:20 23 Mar 2009

Not getting on at you pamdas but you've got this posted in the Absolute Beginners Forum as well and you are not meant to post about the same thing in multiple forums. I suggest you tick the beginners one as resolved and stick to this one.

Regarding the slodges you have noticed I have to agree with Canon, its not a feed problem so I assume the printer is faulty. Its Epson printers I have but I have yet to have a printer that cannot print on card as long as its not too thick.

I admit the Epsons I have have to have them fed in one sheet at a time if I am using something like 300gsm but photo paper at 220gsm it happily takes them without the need for single sheet feeding, cannot recommend either of mine to you though as both are getting on a bit and are no longer available.

I'm rather surprised the SX400 will not print on card. Who told you it wouldn't?

If no one else replies I would drop Epson an email and see what they say. My Epsons print on card ok.

  pamdas 20:58 23 Mar 2009

Thanks for your help above.

The Epson SX400 has gone back to Staples now - Epson themselves said that 'they do not recommend using card' (customer services/Technical help). It wouldnt feed, not even one by one.

So I am stuck with the splodgy Canon and my old Epson C64. I actually asked a repair shop (cartridge world) how much it would be to repair the C64 as it fed card fine - it was just getting temperamental with the ink cartridges and print quality became poor. They said it wouldnt be worth it - the cost of repair would be more than a new printer - but since I am having no luck with a brand new all singing and dancing printer - perhaps I wouldn't mind paying that to keep my sanity!

Sorry folks for duplicate posting thing. Only I cant see a tick box on the Beginners post - but I can on this one!

  Sheepish 21:50 23 Mar 2009

I have a Canon Pixima IP3000 and have no trouble printing on 250gsm card with it.

  jaraba 22:30 23 Mar 2009

I have a Epson dx8400 psc which prints quite happily on photo paper & 160gms card in multiples.
I also have a hp 940c which also prints on 160gms card ok.

  Covergirl 22:40 23 Mar 2009

Epson 680.

Plus others. Never had a problem printing on card, usually photo glossy 220gsm.

I put a photo glossy in the wrong way round the other week and the ink didn't soak in and gave similar results i.e. blotchy to the point of running.

  pamdas 23:17 23 Mar 2009

Thanks everyone - I will check out these printers above!!
My hair was starting to fall out over it.

  Totally-braindead 23:21 23 Mar 2009

Covergirl makes a valid point there, thinking about it I recall I had a printout that was a total mess on some paper I got, I think it was Agfa paper I got from a friend, for some reason the ink did not soak into the paper at all and what I ended up with was a sheet of photos that never seemed to dry and that turned into spots if you know what I mean.

Not to say that that is the problem you are having but its worth mentioning that some papers do cause problems with some printers and can be fine with other makes.

My old printer is a Epson 680 too but its been unavailable for a few years now. At least you have a few viable suggestions now. Surprised that the Epson wouldn't work on card whether it was recommended or not but there you go.

Just a thought here but if you are not printing photos you could get a cheap laser either black and white or colour and they are a lot cheaper to run than an inkjet, of course you would need to check they will print on card. Just a thought.

  jack 08:33 24 Mar 2009

I have owned 4 Epsons over the years- Just given away an old R200 and still have My R300 with CISS
All print OK on 240gsm material and Gesso primed canvas @280 gsm.
I am a little circumspect about what I will feed my Samsung CLP315 with though- I suspect this will be a tad fussy.

  PalaeoBill 12:57 24 Mar 2009

I have a cheap and cheerful Epson D92 which my wife uses to print on card and inkjet fabric sheets. It was specifically recommended by her crafts class.

  Pineman100 17:32 24 Mar 2009

I tend to agree with Totally-braindead that your problem may be more related to your choice of card than your choice of printer.

My HP Photosmart C4180 prints very happily on good quality photo card of 210gsm. But some cheap card and paper jams it up dreadfully.

Try some card of the same brand as your printer.

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