Printer image quality canon i560 vs canon i865?

  StephenRogers 21:29 27 Jan 2004

I'm wondering whether the relative photo, graphic and text print quality of the i865 is actually any better than the i560? Also, whether there's much difference in ink economy.
I don't want to print onto CD's so that's not an issue.

I am waiting for canon to send me printed copies of my photos, but I've not been able to find any direct comparisons on the web. Any more experiences or site suggestions would be much appreciated.


  byfordr 22:19 27 Jan 2004

Try here click here

I don't think theres a massive amount of difference between the i850 and the i865 (aside from the memorycard slots and cd printing)

click here

I've got the i950 and there is a diagnostic tool that allows you to see how much ink is in each tank.

Also cheapest place I've found for original canon ink and paper is click here

  jakimo 18:39 01 Feb 2004

Browse click here

  Way1 22:41 02 Feb 2004

I replaced an Epson c82 with a Canon i850 and the text quality on the Canon leaves a lot to be desired compared to the Epson, so much so, that I sold it and purchased an Epson c84 and the text is so much better, can't comment on photos though.

  Djohn 01:18 03 Feb 2004

I have the Canon i850 and it's superb. The text is razor sharp at all settings, and the photo quality is as good as it gets. I can only think that the printer "Way1" had was faulty! j.

  Way1 14:59 03 Feb 2004

Djohn, you're right, must have been faulty, as I contacted the relative who bought it and she had to send it in to be adjusted and the text aspect (she says) is much improved.

  Newuser3975 16:46 03 Feb 2004

Like you I’ve been weighing up the i560 and i865. Just in case you haven’t seen it there is an interesting review of 15 printers (including these) in PC PRO Issue 112 Feb 2004 (not sure I am allowed to say that!). In this review they appear to have been very similar, the i560 being marked down because of poor reversed text (white text on black background) – can’t image ever using that! Printing text at 5% per page they found i560 did 409 against i865 542 pages. Both did the same number col prints.
Have also considered the HP 5150 but not sure how it performs with just the tri-colour cartridge and without the extra photo cart. Was disappointed that HP won’t provide sample prints unlike Canon. The 5150 is flexible in that you could still print text using the black cartridge even the there was no tri-colour in the printer. The Canons need all the colour carts in place even just to print black text. Also you can clean the printheads easily (manually) on the HP carts whereas with the Canons this apparently is automatic(?) Canon say to leave the printers on (presumably on standby) if away on hols etc and they do auto headclean every 72 hours to avoid heads drying up.
I have sample prints from Canon for i455, i475, i560 and i865. All are very good in my opinion. As regards i560 v i865, the 560 appears to be £120 and the 865 £139 on-line inc deliv. So for the little extra you get CD printing if you were to ever need it but it costs another £7 to replace all the colour carts. Another thought is that ebuyer have the i450 (print engine as 455/475) for £51.
Good luck with your deliberations!

  StephenRogers 20:10 03 Feb 2004

Thanks for everyone's advice.

I've decided to go for the canon i865 in the end, through PC world online for £147.
To be honest, though I've looked at lots of reviews on different sites, the whole process has been as much emotional as technical -
Do I get the best I can afford? or one that will, basically, do the job? Will I feel more stupid if I pay more than I need to, or if I buy something that doesn't do the job properly?

It's been a funny process because:
(a) It's only a printer, for heaven's sake
(b) They're all, apparently, pretty good - the i450, the epson 830U, the i560, the i850, the i865
(c) give it a few months and something new, better and cheaper will come along (interesting predictions on the price of colour laser printers tumbling...)

cheers everyone

  PanMan 22:26 03 Feb 2004

Which magazine have just done an update on Inkjet Printers all of the best buys are Cannon i250, i560, i965. The i965 is the best but they suggest that if you dont need to print onto CD's there is very little difference between i560 & i965 so you pays your money and takes your choice

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