rawprawn 17:49 06 Nov 2006

My wife bless her, is considering buying me an all in one printer/scanner/copier for Xmas. I got a flyer today from Dell for a Dell all in one 924 printer for £56. Is this good value (bearing in mind cartridge costs)or are there others on the market represnting better (perhaps long term value)I generally buy my replacement
cartridges from choice stationery.

  spuds 18:36 06 Nov 2006

rawprawn-- You may find that the printer is a re-badged Lexmark model. The cartridges between Dell and Lexmark for the 'same' model will not fit, as Dell's are slightly modified with a lug insert. You can refill the cartridges yourself, for about 50p each, failing that, you could consider click here who on occasions have special newsletter/mailshot promotions of 2 for the price of 1.

  961 19:14 06 Nov 2006

Many years of experience have taught me that printers that have the print head in the ink cartridge are the ones to buy

I have never actually succeeded in wearing out or breaking a Hewlett Packard printer although I have tried hard. Most of their printers I have had have gone to landfill as technology has moved on

The cost of their ink has always been a bugbear until recently when they have introduced twin packs with high quantity ink, which has actually brought the ink cost down to compare with compatibles

My latest is an all in one which produces terrific photos as well as the easiest copy facility I have come across. HP2575. Not as cheap as the one you suggest but the bees knees for me

  jack 20:00 06 Nov 2006

IMHO of the printer makes out there Lexmark are the one to avoid[and rebadged versions of course.
HP/Csnon are bubble jest the print head is part of the cartridge in the main - some Canon models have removable tanks

Epson are of course on their own -fine printers -I have 3 of them but the heads are part of the lump- first sign of trouble - new printer- Though to be fair Epson do have an excellent out of warranty service exchange scheme- I'm on my 3rd R300 -in 4 years - Dealer price for the first one- then out of warranty exchange for £45, then a free swap.

  rawprawn 20:01 06 Nov 2006

thanks for those replies, I will keep looking a bit more closely.printers seem to be a real puzzle to me. I have a Canon i850 which I find excellent for my use,and an old (very old) HP scanner, but in my limited work space I really could use an all in one.

  bluto1 23:38 06 Nov 2006

Hi, I`ve got a Lexmark X2350 and whilst it is a great all-in-one Ink cartridges cost appx £15.00 each. Do not be fooled by the urgent voice that tells you to replace the cartridge, I carried on using ong one for ove 3 months. I print a few photos, and a lot of b/w print,so I agree with anyone who says do not buy a Lexmark if reasonable economy is required.

  Totally-braindead 23:46 06 Nov 2006

Personally I would avoid Lexmark and Dell(which are rebadged Lexmark as has been pointed out). The Lexmarks I have seen have given good pictures but the cartridges are far too expensive.
You probably already know this but whatever you buy check the price of the cartridges first and whether compatibles are available. A cheap printer could end up being a very expensive printer if it costs you a fortune in cartridges.
I've got 2 Epsons. My 680 printer has been running perfectly for about 6 years on compatibles, and I also have a Epson DX3800 all in one. Not as good for photos as the old 680 but not terrible either, its been replaced and hopefully the replacement is better. Both my printers are rather slow and a bit noisy especially when you compare them to some of the HP models but the cartidges are cheap and the printouts are good.

  rawprawn 08:08 07 Nov 2006

Thanks to all for your replies,It seems to me that everyone has a different view on this subject which is not suprising. However after what has been said regarding Dell/Lexmark I think I may steer clear although I appreciate the comments from bluto1.
The more I think about it the more I am inclined to think that I may be better off just replacing my old scanner, My Canon printer has given me no trouble at all, it is just the extra space I wanted.
Thanks again

  Sloper69 19:56 07 Nov 2006

I use many different printers at work and home. I am a heavy user due to my job and use it for a variety of jobs - text, text and images, photos.
My current new printer is the Epson DX4200 which I got from the PC World web site (cheaper than instore cost). It scans, prints and can produce images of photographic quality. However, it is slightly on the medium - big size.
I never have had problems with HP or Epson machines but find Lexmark a bit poor on the build quality/sturdiness side.
You need to consider what you are going to use the printer/scanner for. If not for photographic images, then you might consider a scanner/printer with lower resolution to save your wife some money.

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