hatchey 23:14 01 Apr 2004

think it,s time to change my old epsom stylus photo i cant get ink.any one have a view on the best printer to bye..

  jakimo 00:56 02 Apr 2004

click here for Epson700 ink carts.

  arricarry 22:52 02 Apr 2004

EPSON T050140 Black

Epson S0T050140 Black InkJet Cartridge
For the EPSON STYLUS COLOUR 400/440/460/500/600/640/660/670 Photo/Photo Ex/700/750/1200

This cartridge has replaced the Epson S020093 & S020187


EPSON T053040 Colour
Epson T053040 colour cartridge
This cartridge has replaced the Epson S020110 & S020193

  byfordr 08:47 03 Apr 2004

Depends on your price range. Canon have some superb printers at all prices.


  Southernboy 23:24 03 Apr 2004

What is wrong with the good old laser?

  Forum Editor 01:09 04 Apr 2004

with the good old laser.......apart from the fact that unless you want to spend a bundle of money you can only print in black.

If you want colour printing you'll have to buy and inkjet.............and most people want colour.

  JAMSARNNIE 22:47 04 Apr 2004

Compatible cartridges for Epson Photo 700 available from twin Pack £4-29 + free Delivery. I use Choice regulary for my ink supplies and have had no problems using their compatible cartridges

  Southernboy 14:47 07 Apr 2004

I only need black, so a laser suits me fine.

  one23 17:24 07 Apr 2004

Have a look at the Canon i865. It produces some really great photos ,comes complete with a comprehensive software package and can be purchased for about £133 . click here or click here . For cartridges look at click here

  Inchmo 11:57 10 Apr 2004

DREAMdirect advertise a program (cost £29.99)called 'Ink Saver V2', which they claim saves 75% on cartridge costs by 'clever' adjustment of printer output.

Is it any good?? (I'm fed up with the cost of Lexmark cartridges, and don't trust substitutes).


  spuds 12:18 10 Apr 2004

The Inksaver programme as been aired on this forum on a number of occassions, so a forum search will bring up some interesting facts.

The Inksaver programme will not work with Lexmark products, but it will with many other brands. If you want to make a great saving on the Inksaver product, try Serif 0800 924 925 who may still have this available for £9.95 plus £3.00 p/p, this also includes a Serif PhotoPlus 8 cd in the package.

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