print to file, how to access these files and print

  brandy1959 11:36 03 Dec 2007

(Urgent)I have inadvertantly selected to print to file as I had no ink, and not really understanding it, can't access 4 files to print now I have ink. Pleeez help.
Windows xp/Epson problem

  Kemistri 16:42 03 Dec 2007

You should ask in the Helproom. I don't use "print to file", so I can't provide an answer.

  thms 18:24 03 Dec 2007

When you select print, if there is a tick in the print to file box click on it to deselect.
Will now print as normal.

  brandy1959 11:54 04 Dec 2007

I realize now not to tick that box as it is not what I thought it was intended for....Thank you for your time though.

  brandy1959 11:56 04 Dec 2007

Thank you, I will try that

  SANTOS7 12:43 04 Dec 2007

Glad to help, let us know how ya get on...

  SANTOS7 12:48 04 Dec 2007

just realised TWO posts on same subject, to avoid confusion tick this as resolved and con centrate on other...

  PalaeoBill 23:00 04 Dec 2007

If you have created files with the printer driver set to 'print to file' and you now want to print those files, then you just need to copy them to the printer port.

The files you created will probably have an extension of '.prn' or something similar.

If your printer is local and set up to an LPT port like LPT1, just copy the file to LPT1. If not, and you have printer sharing enabled, use the share name of the printer.

(Start->Printer&Faxes> will show the share name).
(Start->ControlPanel->System->Computer Name> will show the name of your computer).

Open a command prompt (Start->Run->Command) and in the window that opens up, type in:

Copy filename.prn \\computername\printersharename


Copy filename.prn LPT1:

Typing exit will close the window.

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