Prices on Memory

  amsjrt 18:49 04 Apr 2003

Hi guys,

About 6 months ago, the memory price for 256mb DDR Pc2100 costs more than £40 but now only about £22. Is this a good time to buy now, or will it go down any further? Any good on-site to buy? Ebuyer is selling at £21.84 and it seems like a bargain, but is the brand important, whether it is crucial, unbranded or all of them are th same?

Your comments are much appreciated.

  chrishillcoat 19:13 04 Apr 2003

The brand does make a difference - ones to look out for are Crucial and Corsair. Second to this are 'major-branded' memory, which are pretty good. I'd avoid anything else.


  sil_ver 20:40 04 Apr 2003

To lessen the likelyhood of incompatabilities it's best to purchase the same brand and spec of RAM you already have fitted.

  TOPCAT® 22:27 04 Apr 2003

The most important factor in selecting memory is who makes it.

It's pretty simple actually. Once you have a company that manufactures high-quality, reliable parts and is going to stand behind its product with technical support and customer service, finding the right product for your system is relatively easy.

To fully read Crucial's info click here

  amsjrt 22:35 04 Apr 2003

Thanks guys. I think I have made up my mine going for Crucial as there seems to be so many praise about it...


  two00lbwaster 22:37 04 Apr 2003

yes i would say bye now as the prices are expected to rise. if you want something to act as memory then most memory will work and do a competant job i wouldn't mix generic modules though which is where your compatibilitys issues will arise

  two00lbwaster 22:38 04 Apr 2003

buy* compatibility*

  Djohn 01:11 05 Apr 2003

Yes! buy now. The price on crucial's site has just started to edge up again. J.

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