Price of Windows7 from different retailers

  birdface 11:18 22 Oct 2009

Pre Ordered Window7 Home premium from Amazon.And just wondering why the big difference in prices.

A few examles.

1.£44 from Dixons.

2.£49.83 from Pc World.

3.£39.95 + £4.95 from Amazon

4.£63.99 from Amazon so not sure why the big difference on prices.

My version was for Windows Home Premium both discs included.

Anyone else cheaper or dearer for the same version. I am particularly surprised at the different prices from Amazon.

  birdface 11:23 22 Oct 2009

I should have added this.

click here

That is where I got the price difference from.

  Spark6 11:54 22 Oct 2009

Just to confuse you a little more - my pre-ordered copy of 7 Home Premium, from Amazon, cost £44.97 inc VAT @ 15%. Total cost including P & P £48.13.
Ordered 15/07/09 received yesterday.

  birdface 12:01 22 Oct 2009

Received mine today with the £63.99 charge just going to see when I ordered it but i was one of the first.
It did say it would charge the reduced price when Microsoft informed them when it was.

  birdface 12:06 22 Oct 2009

Ordered it on the 23rd July.I think it may be time to contact them.

  birdface 12:28 22 Oct 2009

I have sent them an e-mail and the only difference that i can see is I had it sent with free delivery.So maybe an extra £15 for the free delivery.

[Ordered Windows 7 Home Premium from you and was told that we would get it at the final price Microsoft charged you.
I received it this morning with the final bill at £63.99. Can you explain why other customers are getting the same product for £44.97 from you.
We use the same Forum on the computer and ordered about the same time I would like to know why the big differences in prices.]

No doubt something daft that I have done as I have only ordered a few things from them.But will wait and see what they say.

One question, are people all ordering full versions? Or are some people ordering upgrade versions aswell? That may account for some of the price discrepancies.

I pre-ordered Professional from Amazon at a cost of £89.99, back when Europe was still due to get the "N" version, and there was no upgrade option available. At that time, Vista Home Premium was around £49.99 I believe.

However partway through the pre-order phase, I believe the prices did increase, and only the people who pre-ordered earliest got the best initial prices. That may be another explanation for the varying prices.

  birdface 14:30 22 Oct 2009

Yes i actually ordered mine a few days before Spark6 but being a bit new to buying from Amazon I may have ordered incorrectly.
So I will wait for the reply.

  birdface 14:37 22 Oct 2009

This was part of the deal.

Pre-Order Price Guarantee! Order now and if the price decreases between your order time and release date, you'll receive the lowest price.

  Spark6 16:13 22 Oct 2009

I ordered and received the full version. Ordered 15th July 2009, Invoice date 19th October 2009, received yesterday 21st October 2009.

As stated earlier the price was £39.10, VAT @ 15% was £5.87, Shipping charge £2.75 + 41p VAT.

Grand total of £48.13.
HTH buteman

  sidecar sid 18:56 22 Oct 2009

Ordered mine(home premium full)from Tesco
on 12th September £44.97.
It was sitting on my desk
when i got home this evening.

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