Price of technology.

  rdave13 21:41 05 Mar 2011

Set up this PC today for someone; click here
£330 for a desktop with Win7 oem 64 bit, keyboard and mouse. Much faster than my aging Pentium 4 PC which cost a quite a few bob more in its time.
OK the PSU and graphics would need to be upgraded if you do more than surfing but it's still quick.
How on earth do the likes of PC World make a profit on something like this?
I realise that the technology is "old hat" by today's standard but couldn't believe how cheap this is. Shows how they cut the profit margin as home delivery option is not available.
It's as quiet as a mouse also.
So how fast does modern technology depreciate?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:40 05 Mar 2011

Each time I upgrade / new build, I seem to double the processing power for half the money, approx every 5/6 years.

  OTT_B 22:53 05 Mar 2011

"How on earth do the likes of PC World make a profit on something like this?"

PC World reckon on making a loss on a lot of the PCs that they sell. They try and make their margin on extended warranty's and the like.

  rdave13 23:03 05 Mar 2011

Makes you wonder if worth 'upgrading' the PC unless you're a heavy user of video editing or a dedicated gamer or both?
Think I'll run my own PC to the ground. Might get an i7 (click here) when PC World sells it as 'old hat' technology.

  rdave13 23:08 05 Mar 2011

Interesting. Most people refuse these extended warranties now surely? There can't have been more publicity about this topic, what with 'Watchdog', and similar programs and online forums?

  ronalddonald 00:03 06 Mar 2011

students would be more inclined to buy

  rdave13 00:13 06 Mar 2011

Don't think so as it comes with no monitor. Suspect students would go for laptops. Netbooks are another no-no for students as display too small.
For a family with limited budget and an old monitor then I'd think it would be perfect.

  Forum Editor 00:57 06 Mar 2011

from Speakers Corner.

  rdave13 01:14 06 Mar 2011

Thanks fe. Just wanted a debate about technology and the price influence that might entice other people of the lower earnings bracket (such as myself) to consider buying possibly a good deal. Expected some feedback from speakers' corner about what people thought in general. My example was that only and not meant for consummative criticism and so this thread does not belong under consumerwatch forum. Would be ecstatic if you would kindly return this thread back to speakers' corner where it belongs as I would like to hear others' replies to what will be the trend of future buying of PCs.

  rdave13 01:27 06 Mar 2011

Forget it Peter.

  spuds 10:27 06 Mar 2011

We keep hearing about products being sold as 'loss leaders', but in reality there is still profit to be made, taking in modern technology and buying agreements. DSG always seems to post good finance results every year, and this probably shows in their continued refurbishments of their many stores.

Only the other week, I had my usual regular browse at one of the local PCW stores. Made three cd-rom purchases - Essential French Deluxe 97p (book and 3 cd set), Ratatouille 97p, Learn Farsi 97p, all brand new and sealed. At the checkout, I was informed that I had some bargains, the prices had been reduced further to 47p each. This seems to happen on a frequent occasions, so while there is a bargain to be earned, I will take it. I am sure DSG will not mind?.

One word of advice, be a little careful in purchasing products that are on special offer in the bargain sections, because there might be missing parts, due to returns or storage loss. Getting replacements parts might prove more expensive, and you will then no longer have that bargain or the warranty?.

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