Price of PC magazines

  dean_e_boy 22:06 08 Feb 2003

Is it me just being tight, or is £6 for a computer magazine slightly excesive???

  Colin 22:34 08 Feb 2003

I agree. I assume you mean the one's with a DVD? They are usually full of useless programs with just a few good things on them. Settle on one or two mags then buy a subscription. I subscribe to PC Advisor and Personal Computer World, but the CD versions only.

  Stuartli 22:41 08 Feb 2003

Most magazines are published monthly so it's only equivalent to £1.50 a week in this case, little more than a Sunday newspaper. How much would you pay for the DVD separately?

Publishing is a very expensive business and, without the advertisements helping with overall costs, you would be paying far, far more.

Besides, the FE has to be able to live in the manner to which he has become accustomed...:-)

  Forum Editor 23:21 08 Feb 2003

Bentley Arnage Red labels don't run on air, and then there's the house in St. Lucia to maintain.....

But seriously - modern quality magazines cost a good deal to produce and distribute, and as Stuartli says, the cost doesn't seem so bad if you average it out on a weekly basis, the more so if you take out a subscription. A large part of the production cost is borne by the advertising revenue, otherwise retail prices might be even higher.

  spuds 00:17 09 Feb 2003

Checking recently with the local 'freebie' magazine distributor, I was told that the cost of each printed page works out in the region of £8000.00 to £10000.00 per page.Taking in consideration that the majority of these 'freebies' contain 20-30 pages then that is quite alot of money to find, before you get your weekly copy.
I have just disposed of some early issue copies of computer magazines, what a price. Just £1.98 each and as thick as the 'doorstep sandwich', with advertisers supplying a vertual product catalogue themselves within the magazines.

  *mark 01:24 09 Feb 2003

I never pay the full price for a magazine of any kind, especially computer mags. I, like dean_e_boy, begrudge spending 6 quid on a PC mag...

I alternate my magazine consumption via trial issue offers, including the various Dennis Publishing trial subscription offers. I usually pay a quid or so (but quite often I pay as little as 1p ) for 3 or 4 trial monthly issues of any given mag. After the trial offer has finished I cancal my subscription and move onto the next mag with the next offer. And when (after a year or so) ive been through all the available offers I go back to the beginning and start again - they dont seem to mind.

Ive been doing this for years and have saved myself a small fortune :)

Hope this helps.


  Djohn 01:31 09 Feb 2003

*mark, not really, expect thats why we have to pay £6-00 for magazines! :o)

  Goldcroft 08:51 09 Feb 2003

Spud: Sorry, but I think you've been misinformed. I used to be responsible for a full colour 12-page tabloid and the bill for a print run of 430,000 was approx £11,000.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:45 09 Feb 2003

I bet when you take a banknote out of your wallet the Queen complains about the bright light. /eyes raise.....incidentally, if you go to your local library the magazines are free and they have central heating.


  DANZIG 10:53 09 Feb 2003

I subscribe to PCA and have to say I don't begrudge spending about £6 a month for a quality magazine and a DVD. Admittedly, as someone else said on this subject, sometimes there aren't that many things on the disc that I would consider using at that time, however in the future I may do and as I catalogue everything that is on them they may well prove invaluable in times to come. There, have I got a brown enough nose yet?!?!?!?!

  *mark 10:58 09 Feb 2003

PML @ Gandalf... Im NOT mean. I just dont see the point of paying the full price for anything if I dont have to - it really is as simple as that :)


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