The Price of a new computer

  Andy Ush 21:47 28 Feb 2004

Can anybody please explain to me why it is that Mesh can advertise a computer for a price that cannot be sold for the price.

What I mean by this is you go to the website buy a computer, see the one you like for a price that you compare with others, so you decide to buy. Only problem is you then have to pay for delivery on top. No chance of picking it up I was tol to ehich I replied well why cant I purchase it for the price advertised then.

Sorry thats just the way we do it was the reply.

Any offers from anyone

  Sir Radfordin 23:31 28 Feb 2004

The price for the computer is the price you pay for the computer. The delivery is extra. You pay one price for the computer, one price for the delivery and one total sum for both.

There are very few online retailers who include P&P in any prices they advertise.

You could buy the computer at the advertised price. What you can't do is get the supplier to send you the items you bought for free.

  Tim1964 23:35 28 Feb 2004

I see your point,

It's the same with cars. You have to pay 'delivery' to the local dealer and then go and pick it up yourself (?). All stores such as PCWorld / Comets etc, including supermarkets must HIDE (sorry, include)this cost in their prices. Could you imagine "That's 50p for the baked beans plus 30p for delivery...." !!!!!

  deggsymann 19:51 29 Feb 2004

you pay 80p for beans!!!!!

Get down to Netto, you could get a trolley full for 80p

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:03 29 Feb 2004

Quite simple really.....computers are usually built when ordered. Because of the tight profit margins and the constant changing of computer specs it makes little sense to stock up if you are a manufacturer. Therefore all have to delivered individually.

PCW et al buy shedloads of computers from manufacturers, in the hope that they can flog them all. If unique manufacturers (Time, Evesham, Tiny) did this they would be bankrupt in six months. The unique manufs. also hope to attract more trade by offering customisable specs, which means that they would not be stocked.


  shizzy 20:23 29 Feb 2004

I think Andy Ush wanted to collect it.

  Chaz10 20:33 29 Feb 2004

The postage and packing charges (sometimes as much as £40) is usually there profit as computers are built to such a tight margin.

  davidg_richmond 20:35 29 Feb 2004

The price of delivery should be considered by the buyer as you would any other 'specification'. Just as the 'cheaper' carpet company may charge £200 with £50 fitting, the other £250 with 'free' fitting.

  Andy Ush 20:52 29 Feb 2004

Thanx for all your responses.

I jusyt feel kinda conned really

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