Price of Gas and Electricity?

  Graham. 08:55 10 Nov 2008

I'm with StayWarm for mine. They send you the last year's usage in kilowatt hours. I would like to calculate what it would cost on a normal tariff and compare it with what I am paying.

  961 09:42 10 Nov 2008

If you go to the Which? website you'll find a comparison calculator for gas and electricity (You don't need to be a member)

You can enter the annual consumption and the various companies charges will be shown

Cheapest at the moment in most areas seems to be Scottish Power (except Br Gas which scores poorly on service)

  Spark6 15:47 10 Nov 2008

Have you read this click here

  961 16:07 10 Nov 2008

Yes. I have a friend who has been on Staywarm for several years and I did at one time discuss with the company (Powergen at that time I think) what they allowed in the use as much as you like criteria that they used at that time

Although the answer was no restriction, my pal found as time went by that restrictions did creep in, although he is still with them even though many others were at one stage thrown off for one reason or another

  beeuuem 16:26 10 Nov 2008

I would be little wary of taking the Staywarm figures at face value. In at least two cases of which I am aware (me and a neighbour)Staywarm have quoted gas usage of 41,000Kw/h over the last year. In both cases this amounted to almost two years usage.
It appears thay it pays to query any new payment schedule Staywarm provide. My neighbour was told that his new payment would be £190.00 a month. After suggesting to Staywarm that this was almost double the price of Scottish Gas, based on the actual gas and electricity used, the new schedule became £90.00 a month.

  Graham. 16:59 10 Nov 2008

Yes, thanks, that's what sparked me off.

StayWarm don't provide you with their meter readings, so I shall start taking them myself.

All the companies charges are very similar, but getting a breakdown needs someone to check their bill to give a ball park figure.

  laurie53 20:28 10 Nov 2008

I'm glad to see these posts.

Up till now I thought I was the only one in the country who didn't think Staywarm was all it's cracked up to be.

I've tried them on two occasions and both times their quote was well above what I was actually paying.

  Pepper9 20:56 10 Nov 2008

Hope this is not seen as a hijack but...

Eon have just sent me a letter to say my gas prices will rise by about 40% on 1st Nov!! I thought prices were about to come down with the present crisis?

  peter99co 21:29 10 Nov 2008

5 July - EDF Energy
Gas up 22%, electricity up 17%
30 July - British Gas
Gas up 35%, electricity up 9%
21 Aug - Eon
Gas up 26%, electricity up 16%
21 Aug - Scottish & Southern
Gas up 29.2%, electricity up 19.2%
29 Aug - Scottish Power
Gas up 34%, electricity up 9%
29 Aug - Npower
Gas up 26%, electricity up 14%

  peter99co 22:27 10 Nov 2008

Latest Website re energy watch

click here

  peter99co 22:30 10 Nov 2008

See bottom of page.

click here

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