Price differences between domain registration.....

  ajm 01:18 01 Oct 2005

.....companies. I decided to register another domain name. I have an exisiting dmain name with My first port of call was their web site and entering the domain details i was quoted a price of approx £13 for 2 years. Sounded good to me and was about to purchase it. However went to 1& and entered the same details and was quoted £4.68 for the same domain name. This is a vast difference in % wise for the same dmain registratiion name. Registered the dmain name with 1&1.

Have any forum members used 1&1 to register/host their domains and what are your experinces like?

  spuds 10:57 01 Oct 2005

I use 1&1 on a regular basis,and have done so for a few years now and I would recommend them. Like most companies they have had problems, but these have never affected my usage, and by experience I would consider that they have resolved past issues.

Once you register with 1&1, you may find that they will contact you with special offers. Recently I was offered a free six month extension to a couple of my packages, which made a nice surprise. In general, their packages offer very good value for money with very little complications. Would add that registering a domain and receiving the Nominet document, now takes between five to eight weeks, depending on Nominets workload.But of course, your domain is registered to you on a 1&1 availabilty check, which is usually instant on contract payment.

  Retired Hurt 12:44 01 Oct 2005

I, too, use 1&1 - no problems - good value

  Chris3nt 23:44 12 Oct 2005

I cancelled my 1&1 account a few months ago but today I received an email from requesting £94.00 for my domain renewal.

This would have only cost a couple of quid with 1&1.

Is this a rip off or what?

  slowhand_1000 00:00 13 Oct 2005

I have been with 1&1 for 3 years or so and on the whole have had no problems.

  spuds 11:50 13 Oct 2005

Chris3nt--Why would Nominet request £94.00 for the domain renewal, could there be a slight error and the request is from another domain registering company, "Pay-up before you lose!"type of campaign!.

  Chris3nt 23:59 26 Oct 2005

Spuds -- Sorry for delay in responding, been on holiday, when I click on the link in the email it takes me to click here
Have checked this out and it seem to belong to Nominet. I have'nt paid anything.

  Chris3nt 00:02 27 Oct 2005


Just noticed that the link address has been changed to Click Here, the address is "click here".

  Chris3nt 00:03 27 Oct 2005

Spuds, I give up it has changed it again.

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