Price of CD-R's in the UK

  kuhbler 07:13 12 Mar 2003

What is the price for CD-Rs in the UK at the moment? I'm heading back to Blighty soon and want to know if it is worth picking up some here.

I paid C$35 for 100 700mb 48x the other day. That is about 15 quid give or take.

  accord 07:58 12 Mar 2003

there are cheap own brands and there are branded ones. in my mind you pay for what you get.

check out: click here click here to get an idea of quality and pricing

  vinnyT 14:04 12 Mar 2003

There are better things to bring back than cd-rs, which are quite heavy and bulky.

  Tenner 16:16 12 Mar 2003

This site is worth watching/searching, and try their mailing list to be notified of good offers click here.

Not claiming that they are always the cheapest, but they are thereabouts and work hard at good service.

I agree with vinnyT's comment.


  Stuartli 19:34 12 Mar 2003

Not worth the effort of carrying them here at those sort of prices - click here has some of the best prices in the UK for both CD-R/RW and DVD-R/RW media.

Some of its prices for CD-Rs are almost half of what you state.

  Hunte® 21:19 12 Mar 2003

Never heard of bestpockets and their website doesn't appear to exist. I think you maybe meaning Bigpockets - click here

  Stuartli 23:16 12 Mar 2003

My brain clearly wasn't switched on at the time...:-(

I get a regular e-mail from them about the latest offers too!

Got the Cyberdrive 36x12x32 rewriter from them for a friend a few weeks ago - £29.99 including VAT. Very unusual write speed.

  kuhbler 04:12 13 Mar 2003

Very true I guess Vinny, but I'm having some stuff shipped back and it goes by size not weight, so I have some room to fill.

Thanks guys for your help.

  Stuartli 08:54 13 Mar 2003

There surely must be something of more immediate benefit to bring back that a pile of media that could well cost you more than in the UK?

Just had an e-mail, for instance, from bigpockets offering 100 DVD cases for just £9.99, plus media offers.

  kuhbler 10:02 13 Mar 2003

I was just wondering thats all. Last time I bought CD-Rs in the UK (about this time last year) I bought 50 for 25 quid. The ones I can get here work out at 100 for 15 quid. That was what I was thinking about, hence the question on price.

  rins36 20:12 24 Mar 2003


Morrisons supermarket do imation cd-rs, they are £5.99 per box or 3 boxes for £10.00. 30 cd-rs in total

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