Price of Broadband & New Monitor

  tonyB1983 22:07 28 Oct 2008


Wonder if I could get some recomendations on the above please.

At the moment I pay pipex £23.99 a month (inc line rental) for a 1mbps connection and I think it's reather expensive. I've looked around and O2 seem to offer £12.50 a month for 8mbps. To be honest I don't really need that speed, 1mbps does me fine. Could anyone recomend decent broadband (uncapped) for cheapest price please? Thanks

2.Monitor. I really want to buy a larger screen for my PC. I've decided on a 24" monitor. Wonder if this one's any good? click here
However, I want to plug my xbox 360 into it via VGA and my PC in via the DVI connection, so it needs to have good picture for both analog and digital (and support both connectors). Money really is no object for this, so whatever you think would be the best 24" money can buy!


  Stuartli 23:27 28 Oct 2008

Contact Pipex and state that you would like a MAC (Migration Authorisation Code) - it is more than likely they will seek to keep you as a customer by offering a lower charge and, perhaps, even fsster connection speeds.

However, you state that the Pipex charge includes line rental (normally £10.50 a month), so you will not be gaining very much by swapping ISPs and may end up with more problems than answers...:-)

  Stuartli 23:28 28 Oct 2008

..faster speeds even...:-)

  Covergirl 12:46 29 Oct 2008

. . . you've added your line rental on ?

Check out SamKnows click here to find out if any providers in your area are LLU'd then contact them as I assume unbundled offers the best prices, e.g. TalkTalk click here

And if 1mbps speed will do you, why do you need it "uncapped".

  Stuartli 12:54 29 Oct 2008

It would cost 99p a month less than Pipex - which is why I pointed out that the latter's price includes line rental (usually around £10.50).

Perhaps the "uncapped" answer lies in the gaming side, although 1MB is unlikely to use up too much bandwidth over a month...:-)

  tonyB1983 18:05 29 Oct 2008

Thanks for your advice. Seems to me like switching ISP's isn't going to make much difference. I'll ring up pipex and see what they say.
Price I quoted from O2 is before line rental so does indeed cost pretty much the same as pipex (bar around £2)

Any ideas on the monitor?

  Crash 23:14 29 Oct 2008

For the monitor I would recommend this one click here. I use them in work and they are excellent

  GaT7 16:47 30 Oct 2008

If you purchase O2 broadband online, & through Quidco click here, you'll get £60 cashback, making it ~£5 less per month.

I signed-up with O2 about 6-7 months ago with their £12.50 offer, & received £25 Quidco cashback (that was the offer at the time). Also got an O2 PAYG mobile (transferred original number), which is £5 off per month on the broadband bill, but +£40 min mobile top-up over a year.

So per month, I pay £8.75* for 8Mb broadband & some PAYG calls (£44 worth over the year, i.e. £1 extra free for each £10 top-up. Also = 400 free texts).

The connection has been consistent, & the free-phone UK service brilliant. G

* [12.50 x 12] = 150
150 -60 -25 +40 = 105
105 ÷ 12 = 8.75

  jaraba 09:31 01 Nov 2008

I have O2 broadband, but because I am also with O2 for my mobile my broadband is only £7.50 a month.
Please be aware that although they quote 8mb connection the actual rate WILL be slower.
Mine is supposed to be 8mb but only comes in at around 3/4mb, which apparently is due to the distance from the exchange, about 4 miles.

My mobile contract is £15 a month for 100 minutes & 200 texts free & is a sim only contract.

  Stuartli 11:09 01 Nov 2008

Are you claiming three-quarters of a MB or three to four MB?

If the latter then that is a very good figure for a distance of around four miles from the exchange.

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