pressure washer advice please

  De Nada 19:49 10 May 2009

Just had most of my back garden flagged as the time has come for a low maintainence approach,i could do with a pressure washer to keep on top of it but need help to decide, after reading reviews it needs to be 110bar at the nozzle not maximum,i have looked at the wolf2,challenge xtreme,and a couple of karchers,the more i read up on them the harder it is to dedide, so any advice on these machines,(or any other) would be really helpful,thanks very much.

  oresome 20:08 10 May 2009

I have a Karcher in the garage that is rarely used.

To me it seems a lot of effort getting the thing out and untangling the hose, running the hosepipe out and then the mains cable and connecting it all up. (It's all to be put back again afterwards)

It will clean paving slabs, but in narrow strips which gets tedious over a large area. With my block paving it forces the sand from the joints.

It's too powerful for the caravan, forcing the mastic out of the seams, but is OK for quickly applying a detergent from a distance.

All in all, I don't consider it particularly labour saving.

  OTT_Buzzard 20:27 10 May 2009

Tend to find a normal hosepipe and a stiff broom as effective, quicker and pretty sure uses less water!

  De Nada 20:29 10 May 2009

Thanks very much,i agree,i have a small challenge washer(85 max)which will take most of the dirt off my car, but when it comes to anything else it is not very powerful,but i will need a decent one to clean my flags.

  De Nada 20:31 10 May 2009

Thanks, getting on a bit now,so i think i will have to go for the mechanical option,

  SB23 20:37 10 May 2009

I've just used my Karcher on all the concrete paths around my house, and it really makes a difference.
I've used alot of the cheaper makes but this Karcher is, without a doubt, my best buy of the last few months. Not to mention, even on a low setting for the spray, my cars look better for it too.

  AL47 22:44 10 May 2009

we have a petrol powered one off ebay, that certainly shifts the c**p

it has different nossles for different pressures

  cymbo 00:14 11 May 2009

I have a very extensive amount of flagging, both sides of bungalow plus large full width split level patio and garden path to keep clean. A couple of years ago, after some web research plus digging out a 'Which' report on PW's from my local library, I bought a Karcher PW plus their T Racer patio cleaning attachment. I clean the flagging twice a year and it does a superb job and is quick and effortless. The Karcher I bought is rated 110 bar with 100 bar at the nozzle and the model I bought is in Tesco at £69-99 click here plus the T Racer also in Tesco at £49-99 click here. With this attachment you only need to use the lance for awkward edges and corners. Just recently, for the first time, I used the T Racer on about 120 sq yds of block paving at the front and again it did a great job. It did wash some sand out from between the blocks which I then replaced by sanding over the area once it was dry and sweeping in with a good stiff brush. Go for it.


  bobbybowls 08:32 11 May 2009

to stop the pressure washer removing the sand between blocks. get a bag of cement and mix it with the sand. brush mix into joints then damp down.

ps buy a karcher i have had one for about 5 or 6 years and it is still going strong.

  Stuartli 14:36 11 May 2009

I've just done the back and front flag stones area (around 200 of the things) around my property with our Challenge £50 pressure washer from Amazon.

It makes it much easier if you use Jeyes Fluid first using a watering can to wet the flag stones and leaving it for an hour or so (thin bleach diluted in water is almost as good).

The Challenge pressure washer has been used, as in the past, for around four or five hours at a time and still hasn't missed a beat.

As for my car, I wash it first and then use the pressure washer (if it happens to be out) on its wide spray pattern. Kept a reasonable distance from the vehicle it prevents any potential damage to the paintwork from too strong a spray.

  De Nada 16:07 11 May 2009

After reading all your replies and advice,i think i will go for a Karcher model,and i think i will start at Tesco,thanks again.

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