Premium rate diallers

  norman47 18:09 15 Mar 2004

I have just received my BT bill this morning> Now usually I just check the amount to see if it is larger or smaller than the norm, bit of a pun there.

Because I have changed my ISP and now pay by direct debit, rather than it being on my bill. I thought it would be down and it was. Just by luck I looked on page 2 and saw an entry for premium rate numbers, usually this is quite small or non existent. Needless to say it was a lot more than usual.

I tracked down an entry down to the 1st. of march. The call lasted 12 minutes and cost £15.77 ex. vat. Thanks goodness the internet was not on for very long that morning. The number dialled was a 09099 number. And no I don't visit porn sites. :-)

I did read the article in last months PCA's consumer watch and thought I was careful. Unfortunately I had my pop up stopper disabled so it must of sneaked through because of this.

I have rang BT and the best they can offer is to bar premium rate numbers on my phone, just as PCA advise.This I have done.

I pity the poor souls who have been hit hard by this deception, is that the right word?

Thankfully the amount is relatively small. I thought I was reasonable computer savey, but we live and learn.

Just be careful with popup's and don't fall into the trap I did.

  Forum Editor 18:38 15 Mar 2004

and one which is all too common unfortunately.

Thanks for the reminder norman47.

  georgemac 18:48 15 Mar 2004

install spywareblaster amd spybot search and destroy (both free - just search on google) keep them updated and do a regular scan with spybot and you should be ok.

and run a firewall - sygate personal firewall is free for personal use.

do all the above with up to date anti virus software running and you should be OK.

  justme 19:23 15 Mar 2004

I too have fallen foul of these premium raet numbers (not from porn sites either). By good luck I was only stung for £7.

I believe that BT charge you for the service of banning premium rate numbers, and even then will not guarantee that a computer will not manage to bypass the bar on them because they can use a special code which effectively allows the computer to dial out.

Does anyone know of a program which would display the number you are connected to while you are surfing. I know that XP allows you to use Ctrl, Alt, Delete kepress to display this information but it takes up an inordinate proportion of the screen. I would prefer something much smaller.

  R4 19:35 15 Mar 2004

Surely this can only happen on 'Dialup connections' as BB does not use a dialer in the normal way does it ?

  norman47 19:44 15 Mar 2004

I do use AVG and X\P's built in firewall. I also use spybot and addaware. Usually once a week.

Unfortunately it must have been a simple click to close a pop up that got me.

Every time I accessed my bt e-mails, I had to close pop up stopper or the window would not open. I have now re-routed the way I access these e-mails and do not have to close the stopper. This coupled with the bar on premium rate numbers should minimise the risk.

Well, I hope it does!!!!!!!!!

  georgemac 20:17 15 Mar 2004

I have not run a pop up stopper for an age now - I hardly ever get bothered by pop-ups - I just assume that they know most folk have pop up stoppers so do not include them anymore?

  byfordr 20:21 15 Mar 2004

May be worth disabling xps firewall (its a bit basic) and going for one of the free ones - zone alarm, kerio, outpost etc...try the downloads section. Also this program stops dialers click here (its in german, but installs in english))


  georgemac 06:52 16 Mar 2004

think you meant norman47 there - I agree fully with your comment about xp firewall - I run sygate personal firewall click here and test it with the shields up test click here and scroll down to shields up link.

  byfordr 08:58 16 Mar 2004

Indeed I did


  norman47 11:06 16 Mar 2004

Thanks byfordr and georgemac.

I will give it a try.

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