Praise/complaint coparison

  jessej 14:28 04 Feb 2007

Over the past few years I have hade a number of printers, finally changing from one to another not so much as the fact that they were giving trouble, more because the ink was dearer than a new printer. Anyhow here are my findings for what they are worth.
Lexmark. Help/advice very slow in coming though it is good when you do get it, just so long as you don't mind waiting 48 hours or more for it.

Epson. The same as Lexmark, but with the addition of a rather niggling little thing, if their advice doesn't fix it then you are told to take it to the nearest Service Centre, and tells you to enter your post code to find the nearest one. So enter your post code and, in my case, it came back as there is not one in that area, please enter another post code. Seeing as I only live in one place that is a wee bit difficult.

HP. My latest. I can't praise high enough, support (and I've had to use it twice for a couple of silly little things), came back within the hour. Both times the adice given worked. There was also a follow up questionaire to see f I was satisfied with the service and help given a couple of days later.

EBuyer. Again I cannot speak highly enough of the service received from them when the Epson printer played up just 3 weeks before the warranty expired, and after I had tried to resolve the problem with Epson's tech support. I was told to return it to them as it was also covered by their own warranty. Being too much for the post they arranged collection. Two days later I had an email from them to say that it had been examined, found to be faulty and that a refund had been made to my credit card. To me, that kind of service is unbeatable.

To the Forum Editor, my sincere aplogies if I've done this all wrong, it is the first time I've posted here.

  Totally-braindead 14:36 04 Feb 2007

My own experiences.
I found Epson rather good. Had to phone them yesterday about a niggling problem and they had it sorted out for me in about 10 minutes flat.

Ebuyer is a completely different kettle of fish, 13 items order 7 dead on arrival and 1 broken. Took me ages find out which were ok and which were faulty and took them nearly 3 months to return the money as they had to test all the bits one at a time. Subsequently I no longer deal with them. I do however realise many people use them and have no problems.

  jessej 14:51 04 Feb 2007

Yes, I agree with what you say, there are no doubt many people out there who have had differnet experiences than I. What I said was, of course, strictly from my own experiences, personally I will not even consider another Epson, the same as if I want anything I'll definitely look for it at EBuyer first. But as I said, that is just my opinion for what it's worth.

  wee eddie 15:48 04 Feb 2007

Does not speak well of any of them. Regardless of the quality of their service.

Since I got rid of my old Star Dot Matrix Printer in '97, I have had 2 Printers.

Both Canons:

The first replaced when it was knocked off the top of the Filing Cabinet upon which it stood. They were used for my Restaurant menus, Security Labels to keep the EHOs happy, and many other tasks. Manufacturers ink was used for the first 2 years of each printer's life. I used several suppliers and currently use Choice Inks in an i850

  spuds 18:47 04 Feb 2007

Like most things in life, its a case of horses for courses. In my stable I have Lexmark, HP, Epson, Samsung plus a Canon FC336 Copier.

Just purchased an HP C3180, this replaces an HP 590 which I am retiring (2nd time) after 10 years service. Speed wise the C3180 doe's 22pm were the 590 did about 10pm. Cartridges fairly good and reasonably priced. The new Vivera HP ink range used in the C3180 is not my cup of tea, seems to be slightly dull in colour, excluding black!.

Epson C86 is a good basic printer, cartridges very cheap, but a waste ink pad change at £36.00 by the local Epson service centre is not cheap. I did this in hour or so as a learning experience. Cost a bowl of warm water!.

Lexmark X5150, again a good printer, but expensive cartridges, unless you refill yourself at about 50 pence a refill.

The Samsung ML500 laser, say no more, good cheap product.

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