In Praise of Tesco's CD's Online.

  spuds 14:49 12 Oct 2004

Being an occassional buyer of budget buy cd's, I usually rely on 101cd or CDWow for any online purchases.Over the past year I have had the misfortune that on more than one occassion of ordering items and not having them delivered. Mainly it is 'Still Awaiting Stock' on their tracking system [some go back to nearly twelve months].Contacting the two companies seem to get a negative response as to the possible time of despatch.

Well I bit the bullet late on Sunday evening and decided to have a browse at the Tesco site, mainly for their general consumer price match chart[Tesco/Asda/Sainburys/Morrisons comparisons]. Eventually I arrived at their music/entertainment section, and had a little peek there. I eventually placed an order for four of the special £3.99 range cd's [Ike & Tina Turner/The Ventures/Shirley Bassey oldy type of thing]. Each stated that they where in stock, and would be despatched 'usually within 24 hours'.Within minutes of placing the order, I received a confirmation email that the goods were in stock and would be despatched 15/10/2004?. Ho well what happened to the within 24 hour bit I thought. Checked the tracking system late on Monday evening and the order was 'Awaiting Despatch'.More thoughts of another online broken promise came to mind, or was it just a minor hiccup in the system!.

This morning the postman delivered a very well packed secured box [not a jiffy bag] containing the four cd's ordered.Time of order to time of delivery,about 33 hours was first rate, and if this is their usual standard, then recommendations are in order. I would mention that it would appear as though the music side is run perhaps by a third party company who have a very good product range, not always the cheapest but it seems to cover all tastes.The site can be a little difficult on first attempt in finding all the ranges, but after a few attempts everything works out simple.An added bonus, spend £30.00 and get £5.00 off, via a voucher code. A well satisfied music listener.

  Stuartli 14:53 12 Oct 2004

Tesco's exceptional all round customer service and after sales service found in its stores would appear to have been emulated by its CD Online outlet judging by your experience.

  Rwstill 11:01 13 Oct 2004

I have to say that I have used Tesco on line food service and have found it very good.
I only use it occasionally, find it great for bulk stuff.
Last time I shopped on line their I had a few freebies, I did point them out to the delivery man, he said that's all right they do that sometimes.
Two days ago I had a letter off Tesco with an offer that if I shop on line before November 7th and spend £75 then they will give me £10 off, just right for xmas.
Hope I am not spoiling the thread?

  rogertjj 11:37 13 Oct 2004

My only experience of using the Tecos online site was a couple of weeks ago when I ordered some wine that was on offer. I was particularly interested because it was wine that is never available in my local store. Anyway, I ordered the wine, and got the confirmation e-mail.

The day before delivery was due, I received an e-ail telling me that they would not be able to deliver the wine because it was out of stock. Later that evening, I also received a phone call from their Customer Services telling me that the wine was out of stock, and wouldn't be delivered. Oh well I thought, never mind.

So, imagine my surprise when on Saturday morning, a Tesco delivery van turned up at my front door with my Wine !!! When I told the driver I had been told twice that it wouldn't be delivered, he wasn't surprised. I'm not complainig because I got what I ordered, but I found it strange to be told not once, but twice that I would not get it.

  Raysorbill 19:37 13 Oct 2004

Thanks for the info 'spuds' buying from this site must be cheaper and easier than dowloading from the likes of napster and presumably the whole thing arrives with all the packaging, printing, and artwork done for you? Great the net has its uses after all. Now thats what I call marketing.

  chugby 19:58 15 Oct 2004

also found Tesco Online and very prompt in past, just trying their DVD rental service (Via Video Island) ordered Tues night and recieved DVD's Thurs AM. If you become a member you will get a deal of the day email with some good offers.

  Ticketyboo 08:03 16 Oct 2004

l have a HP940c and tried a few different carts, none of which worked, but Tesco's do!

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