Praise of The Pipex ADSL Service!

  .:º»[RjA]«º:. 16:31 19 Feb 2003

Well, i have this 512k dsl service from pipex running for two months now. Costs me £23.44 a month with 50MB of webspace etc.

Just thought id change the tone from people moaning to praising.

1: the line was activated, up and running TWO DAYS before the date pipex said. Also they connected me to the faster 1MB/s service fro 2 days by accident - which i wasn't companing about. (this had to be cuz i was dl'ing stuff at 150Kb/s instead of the usual 65ish that a 512 service offers rofl!!!!)

2: Using the servicve that i paid for i have never had problems connecting or being disconnected. Always D/L @ >44Kb/s on any server and get pings 70 on game servers (quake 3 arena and sof2) within europe ( 170 where servers further awaty are used).,

3: Just tested the technical support once - even though i didn't require it. All i cana say is WoW! The phone rang twice and i ngit an answer (hear that tiscali, i took 10 sedcas fro an answer - NOT 10 mions.) I said i was unable to connect. All settings got checked quickley and once found to be iin order a differetn user name/pass was given. Solved. Oh yeah, pipex tended not to treat u like you were 2 years old e.g. left click the button that says start etc)

4: i heard that to test ur DSL isp you should stay connected for a day or so.I also left a file 7o0MB file d/l'ing on repeat (used schedule downloading on getright). This was fine. Not disconnected once. And a averagew apeed of 57Kb/s - European server BTW).

5: also, i as do a lot of online gaming there seesm to be little packet loss and latency. (using the lagometer in quake 3 arena) and a smooth pattern of packet deleivery.

6: u get a free copy of Norton Antivirus 2003 - with free updates/upgrades for a year too.

Gotta hand it to Pipex, they're a cheaper isp than most - give great performance and a TON of features on site when registered.

Any other pipex adsl users out there????

Post back your experiences with them , mine ios nothing but good.

Thanks in advance rja

gg Pipex.

  anchor 16:44 19 Feb 2003

I echo your remarks.

I have been with Pipex for about 10 months. For a time last year their telephone support was abysmal, but some months ago they resolved the problem.

You can even see the current state of telephone support here:
click here

Speeds are excellent, price is reasonable, and their present offer is too good to be missed.

click here

  .:º»[RjA]«º:. 17:36 19 Feb 2003

Do you know wheer i could find detailed info about theirer web hosrting.

E.g. data trasnsfer limits, size size type restrictions etc........

  anchor 08:47 20 Feb 2003


Go to the Pipex link below:

click here

this is the introduction, with links that include "request information".

  Stuartli 10:23 20 Feb 2003

As I said many times in these forums, Pipex has been one of the UK's leading business and home user ISPs since 1991.

I've been with it since 1996 and have always had superb service and backup support.

My son took up its broadband service last year and is equally pleased.

The website contains a full history of Pipex's major upgrading programmes ever since it was founded; this includes continual expansion of its bandwidth capabilities across the Atlantic.

  Pappyon 08:03 21 Feb 2003

I registered before 3pm yesterday (Thursday) and haven't received a confirmation email yet.

Does this mean I haven't been accepted, or have I made an a**e of the registration process.

I don't want to register again in case they make duplicate deductions from my debit/card if I am accepted, (taking into account the quality of the phone line etc.)

How soon do you get a confirmation email please?

  wint 10:31 21 Feb 2003

Going back to last April, my confirmation e-mail was the longest wait in the whole process! I *think* it took 2 days to arrive.

Everything else happened earlier than Pipex suggested, including the actual activation of the line. That was at the busiest rush time too, just after the big price drop.

I have had a connection/disconnection problem which lasted several days but that turned out to be a BT exchange fault (both BT & Pipex told me).

I am as chuffed with Pipex as .:º»[RjA]«º:. seems to be.

  Pappyon 17:12 21 Feb 2003

I sent pipex an email and a fax on Thursday afternoon telling them that I hadn't received my confirmation email. Nobody bothered to reply.

I phoned customer services this morning and was told to phone back 24 hours after registering if I didn't get an email.

I phoned back and was told an email had been sent. I still haven't got it. I was given an order number and when I used their online order checking facility it stated that the order number was invalid.

I'll feel such a fool, going back on the phone to tell them this, after being told the order is being processed!

Where do I stand now? I feel as though I am in limbo. I am in a position where I am frightened to cancel my Dial-up service in case this doesn't go through.

If this is a sample of their customer service, I shudder to think of what might be in store.

  Spook Tooth 17:55 21 Feb 2003

Pipex won Best Consumer ISP provider in the Broadband category at the ISPA awards:

click here

More details and the other contenders:

click here

  Pappyon 18:23 21 Feb 2003

I have just rechecked the PIPEX web site, and the order number I was given is now being accepted in the online ordering checking facility, so now I know my order is going through. Please excuse the whining!

Still no email with the web address for the installation guide, but somebody reading this(hopefully) might supply me with that.

  anchor 09:37 22 Feb 2003

As I recall, when I started with Pipex in March 2002, full details concerning the installation were included with the modem.

I am not aware of an on-line page, but others may be able to help with this.

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