In praise of MP3 Jukebox

  Curio 17:41 04 May 2004

I was a HiFi nut long before computers came on the scene. Now that the Audio side of computers is really thriving I decided to investigate and duly purchased a 40GB Hard Drive Jukebox. I now Have nearly 500 CDs available for me to listen to, disturbing no one else, wherever I like. Have room for a further 100 plus Cds. Being of pensionable age, I will never fill the disc! Had to invest in a better set of headphones though. For something not much larger than a pack of playing cards it really is something. I save my vinyl listening for home pleasure. In the outside world MP3 and WMA Rule!!

  Chronos 19:21 04 May 2004

I hope it is the iRiver, that is the only one to have. :-)

  shaduf 20:30 04 May 2004


I have done a lot of forum research on MP3 players and it seems that iRiver is the one to go for. Hopefully I shall be going for one very soon now.

Before Christmas I bought an Archos Gmini 220 from QVC. I thought that was fantastic until I found it crashed very regularly. I then realised it always chrashed when I tried to rewind. I rang Archos and they were aware of the problem and there was a fix for it on their website. The fix was dated long before I bought it.

How could they send a product out for sale knowing it had such a major problem. After I applied the fix it still crashed but not on rewind, just randomly. The helpline said they had no knowledge of any other crashing problems but I scoured the net and found plenty of reviews saying it did crash frequently so I sent it back and got a refund.

Most iRiver users seem to rave about their player so that's the way to go.


  Curio 22:01 04 May 2004

Chronos. Iriver is not my choice - price precluded that for me.
I settled for xclef. Not too many features, not the sexiest looking item but sounds good and does the biz for me

  Chronos 22:19 04 May 2004

ok, perhaps next time...:-)


I checked them all out and decided that the iRiver was the one, long battery life, 40gb of space, which should hold about 14000 tracks, and with remote control..and the sound is 100%..and they have a good forum web site....and of course the PC see's it as another HDD, so you can load it up with anything from the PC, and take it with you....

  Flaco 22:44 04 May 2004

Nothing useful to add, but it's just nice to see that there are others out there who aren't afflicted with 'iPod-mania'. I've had my Creative Jukebox for almost 3 years now. Wouldn't buy another though; I'd go for the iRiver next time round.

CURIO: pensionable age and ripping analogue vinyl to MP3 and WMA!? Now that rocks! There may be hope for me yet... ;)

  Tim1964 23:24 04 May 2004

What's putting you off of another Crreative Jukebox?

  Flaco 12:02 07 May 2004

Sorry Tim, I forgot to come back and check postings.

My gripe with the Creative units is down to s/w problems. When trying to rip via the Play Centre interface, things would be fine for a few minutes and then gradually slow to a crawl before finally hanging completely (and freezing my PC). Tried new drivers/firmware, but to no avail. Resorted to MP3 encoding via other progs and then uploading to the DAP from WMP. On the occasions that I did manage to rip via Creative's interface, it seems the ID3 tag info was less than complete.

Trawled the Creative forums for clues. I noticed that a significant number of others were having the same probs. Importantly, some of those users were on Zens (problem not limited to my older unit, then). Some threads lead me to believe that it might be something to do with specific VIA chipsets. Either way, it is a known problem and one that has not been resolved.

In my book, that teaches me to steer clear of future mistakes. Granted, it was early-MP3-mass consumer days when I first bought the unit, but once you get to selling hyped up products at premium prices to the general public, you have to build in product integrity. Especially with modern MP3 units for mass consumption. Creative 'thank' their techy users community for feedback so that they can 'improve' their future products. I find that insulting and patronizing. In the meantime I paid top dollar for a product that failed to deliver. I was guinea-pigged at my own expense and it sticks in my throat.

  Kate B 14:09 07 May 2004

oooh, I've got an iPod and think it's completely and utterly wonderful; in fact I'm on my second iPod. I had a 5GB iPod that performed brilliantly but couldn't resist upgrading to a 30GB one when they came out.

I know the battery life isn't great, but if you add a battery pack, 4AA batteries will power it for 15 hours, which outstrips the iRiver. Plus you can use it to store data from flash memory cards, as a voice recorder ... all in a beautiful package. I highly recommend it.

  Curio 15:38 07 May 2004

It seems we agree MP3/WMA players are the bees knees.
It seems to prove 'mobile music' is not just for the young and keep fit joggers. Oldies like the convenience too.

  Flaco 00:20 08 May 2004

I hope you didn't take my comments the wrong way ;)

I heard the iPod Music Match interface was flaky. That put me off in recent times. Have they addressed that issue? (not to say that I've found Creative's PlayCentre any less flaky). As for the internal Li-On battery, it's something like £79 to replace, isn't it? How big is the 4xAA pack? Does it throw a real spanner in the 'compact' dept?

When I got the Creative, the iPod wasn't around, otherwise I would have had to consider it. I might be wrong, but I think iRiver was one of the first producers of standalone MP3 units; subsequently went off the boil quickly (poor marketing, or maybe the product was a step ahead of us?). By all accounts they were good, even back then. Seems they're back properly now, so I'd be looking in that direction... maybe.

CURIO: nope, definitely not a preserve of the physically active. For me, though, it's more the whole MP3/encoding issue. Being able to back up my entire CD collection to PC, having a searchable catalogue, creating multiple playlists and compilations, etc. Can't imagine how we used to manage (but how I rue losing track of all my vinyl over the years). The fact that we can carry the whole collection around with us is a definite bonus, though!

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