Praise The Lord For Pipex

  skinny 10:41 28 Mar 2003

I just thought that I'd share some good news with you all, seeing as most of the threads are of bad news, problems and complaints.
I've just been connected to Pipex Xtreme Solo broadband and am amazed by the performance and service.
I ordered the service via the Pipex web site. Within four days I had my ADSL modem and microfilters. Within six days of ordering my telephone line was upgraded and last night, as planned my service was activated.
Everything went well, the modem was simple to install and within 5 minutes, I was connected at 576kbps and let me tell you, after spending years using Freeserve dial up, it's unbelievably fast. I had some apprehension about contention rates and so forth and I know it's early days, but so far I'm VERY impressed.
Well done Pipex ! I've no idea how I ever managed without this !
(Oh and the price was competitive too, £19.95 per month, no installation costs and the modem and microfilters were included)

  Giant68 11:16 28 Mar 2003

I joined Pipex last week and so far I feel the same way.


  leo49 13:21 28 Mar 2003

And I'm enjoying my first 'free' month's subscription under the Pipex recommend a friend scheme with 2 more in the pipeline.

Ain't life wonderful.

Been with them for about 2 months and am very happy.

  anchor 19:51 28 Mar 2003

I have been with them just about 1 year. Except for 2 very brief, (less than a couple of hours), loss of connection, I have been most satisfied.

Fast connection all the time. Any slowness is down to individual sites.

  acfc 08:14 29 Mar 2003

I agree ~ for me Pipex has been an excellent service provider and I'm enjoying my first free month from the recommend a friend scheme (and I'm waiting for conformation on a second).

The friend I recommended also had the same trouble free experience as Skinny.

  lemon2 14:54 31 Mar 2003

I totally agree. I've been with Pipex for just over a year, and I've yet to have a problem with speed, connection or anything.

And there's been a lot flack about slow response from Pipex customer services. Until today, I've had no reason to contact customer services, but I had change my billing account. As there was no separate billing email address, I phoned them. I was on hold/queue for about twenty seconds, it then rang three times and was answered by a Pipex person who was most helpful and knew exactly what I wanted.

I don't remember having such customer services with either AOL or Tiscali.

  Pª?? ™ ? 21:58 31 Mar 2003

Im no the lookout for a BB service provider. Now can anyone tell me if The pipex Alcatel modem is Linux Compatible.

  rct 23:27 31 Mar 2003

click here

Says it's Linux Compatible.

  Pª?? ™ ? 23:00 01 Apr 2003

Thankyou RCT thats what I wanted to know. Typical that today the price has shot up

/me will just have to pay it I cant stand dial up anylonger

  Pappyon 15:21 02 Apr 2003

I too am with Pipex Nonband. Have been for four weeks. I have hardly been able to get online in that time. The Modem has been sent back to them a second time. They say there is nothing wrong with it. They are blaming my system. It's been tried on another pc with exactly the same symptoms. They will probably blame the system on that PC as well. The USB light won't come on, and it won't even install in Device Manager now. Have posted in the Helpline forum, but nobody has replied. Sorry to put a damper on the rejoicings. I know I am fed up with Pipex, or should that be Alcatel Thomson I should be blaming, or even MESH? (OK so I'm out of the closet).

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